Yehliu Tour System (Android & iOS)


Yehliu Geopark is one of the well-known ecological scenic attractions in north east Taiwan; the unique sea coast scenery attracts millions of tourists each year. To enhance the quality of tour service, Yehliu Geopark has worked on providing e-tour service system on Windows Mobile and Android so that tourists are able to visit the park with multi-media information provided, like text description, audio play, pictures, and combined GIS and GPS.

The use of smart devices has grown more and more pervasive in years so Yehliu Geopark is planning to offer a new version of Yehliu Tour System which supports Android and iOS to enhance the interaction between tourists and tour system. Users can download from Google Play or App Store tourists and install the tour system on their mobile devices, and then start their Geopark tour with the system at ease. The features of each scenic spot will be demonstrated by the interactive system.

Yehliu Tour System

Yehliu Geopark is planning to offer tourists with the new version of Yehliu Tour System for Android and iOS. Moreover, to increase the interaction and amusement on using this system, Augmented Reality (AR) has been added up, allowing tourists intuitively get the scenic spot positions. Also, there are games in the tour system, having the system more interesting. As to park information, Hot News is added to the system for tourists to review the periodical park event information.


With SuperGIS Mobile Tour, SuperGIS Mobile Engine for Android and SuperGIS Mobile Engine for iOS as the developing core, GIS and GPS integrated, Yehliu Tour System is developed to be a tour system that has GPS function, scenic spot guidance, Augmented Reality (AR) and basic GIS functions.

Tourists are able to download the tour system from Google Play or App Store to install on their smart devices. After entering the park, the tourists can start the multi-media tour system after selecting the built-in tour routes or create their own tour route by adding scenic spots to visit.

Interface Language Setting
Route Selecting

Yehliu Tour System includes five major functions:Start , Scenery Introduction, Event Stamp, Hot News, and System Settings. As the system turns on, users can select and browse.

I. Start
After the function is selected, users can choose one of the built-in routes to visit, which are 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 90-180 minutes and half-day tour. With the route guidance and AR which captures reality views to guide, and the audio tour service, users are able to perceive the features and landmarks within the park in an intuitive and lively way.

On the scenery list where you are able to arrange the route, tapping a scenery name can show the scenery info, including text description, pictures, audio service and AR.

As the route is selected, users can start the tour by tapping Start and enter the map to start the tour service. The main functions include map browse, audio service and the scenery introduction in AR.


1. Map Browsing
‧Browse Map: manipulating with fingers and gestures can zoom in/zoom out or pan the map; tapping the scenery icon can review the detailed introduction; by tapping the buttons, users can set the previous/next scenery as the target destination.
‧Pan to GPS Position: Pan the map to the current GPS position, showing a man-shaped icon as GPS position and fan-shaped icon as the heading direction on the map.
‧Routes: all sceneries on the route will be listed and the next target scenery will be marked with an arrow.

2. Audio Service
When tourists are approaching the scenery en route, the audio file will be triggered to play and enter the scenery introduction page. As the audio finishes playing, system will return to the map and the tour continues.

3. Augmented Reality
Through the reality view shot by camera lens, the target scenery can be labeled on the screen, assisting guiding users to their target scenery positions.

Additionally, the radar chart of Mission Scenery is shown below the reality view. The mission sceneries can be found by the labeled locations and directions.

Matching the park’s seasonal events, the new function “Mission Scenery” offers some small games. Users can tap “Mission Scenery” icon, enter the simulated screen and shake the smart device up and down just like the gesture of catching something to have the device sensed and get the metals as rewards.

Map Browsing
Augmented Reality

II. Scenery Introduction
All scenery information will be listed here for browse and query. Or users can search by key word or by browsing My Favorite.

Tap the scenery name to show the detail information, including scenery description, picture, audio service, map browse and AR.

III. Event Stamp
The event stamps received through AR will be reserved here as approve of mission completion. This function contributes the interaction between users and application and improves the amusement.

IV. Hot News
The system provides the latest news, event announcements of the park. By tapping Hot News, users are able to know the latest events of the park easily.

Scenery Introduction
Stamp Collection

Users can download Yehliu Tour System straightly and install on Android and iOS smart devices. This is a new way to recognize and perceive the natural sceneries and features of Yehliu. In this way the Yehliu Geopark can save the cost on printing paper flyers and provide another way to interact with tourists and bring them more fun.

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