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Online Course


SuperGIS Online Courses

From basic to advanced, the courses introduce GIS software on various platforms for different applications.
Through the GIS courses, users will not only gain advanced geospatial knowledge but also have a comprehensive understanding of SuperGIS software operation and applications, to support more professional needs.
More content-rich online courses will be shared continuously; subscribe SupergeoTV or e-news to get the latest information.

Desktop GIS
Mobile GIS
Server GIS
Get Started with SuperGIS Desktop: Download, Install, and License What is GIS? Manage with SuperGIS Server
Data Import and Export Collect Field Data with SuperPad Edit Data Online
What is GIS? Edit Data Online Produce Map Sheet
Edit Data Online Collect Data with SuperSurv iOS Customize SuperGIS Server -JavaScript
Produce Map Sheet   Work with SuperGIS Server Android SDK
Customize SuperGIS Server -JavaScript   Work with SuperGIS Silverlight API
Develop Extensions in Desktop   Work with SuperGIS Server iOS SDK
Manage Image Data   Publish and Consume the Process Service
Advanced Data Visualization and Analysis   JavaScript API:
Create a map from SuperGIS Server
    JavaScript API:
Overlay your map with online maps
    JavaScript API:
Re-design your map
    JavaScript API:
Identify features
    JavaScript API:
Integrate online resources
    JavaScript API:
Edit features
    JavaScript API:
    JavaScript API:




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