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SuperGIS DataRectifier 3.1
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SuperGIS DataRectifier 3.1 is a tool for spatial data rectification. Users who install SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 can own and manipulate the data rectification tool.

Through SuperGIS DataRectifier 3.1, users can apply the feature layers or image layers with correct Geodetic Datum values to rectify the data without real coordinate values or rectify the layers with offset coordinates caused by special reasons by 6-parameters conversion method. Therefore, the rectified layers will have correct coordinate values and be able to be overlaid with other layers to display the map data reflecting the real world position.
Support feature layer rectification
SuperGIS DataRectifier 3.1 supports to rectify feature layers and raster layers to solve the problems that layers are unable to overlap correctly.
User-friendly interface
User-friendly interface is another feature of SuperGIS DataRectifier 3.1. With the manipulation interface of SuperGIS DataRectifier 3.1, you can modify, import, and export the coordinate values of ground control points to effectively manage the ground control points. The whole new map viewing toolbar separates the source layers and the reference layers, that provides convenient methods to browse and select ground control points to accelerate processing and improves the accuracy of ground control points.
Support numerous export formats
To satisfy various file applications, SuperGIS DataRectifier 3.1 supports *.LAN, *.JPG, *.GEO, and*.SHP formats. Consequently, the usability and applications of the data will be improved significantly.

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