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SuperGIS DataManager 3.2
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SuperGIS DataManager 3.2 is an application which can help you to manage the layers. Due to the rise of GIS, a number of GIS formats are used worldwide. SuperGIS DataManager 3.2 supports most of the common feature and raster layers to be displayed, copied, moved, deleted, etc. Users who install SuperGIS Desktop 3.2 can own the tools for data management.

Manage Meta-data
Meta-data provides the detailed description of spatial data which is extremely important for the users who use public data. SuperGIS DataManager 3.2 has the function to build up, import, and export meta-data and includes hundreds of fields for you to define data, such as publisher, produce organization, modification date, etc. Your GIS data, consequently, can be more complete and more readable for all users.
Support Geodatabases
SuperGIS DataManager 3.2 supports several commonly used geodatabases, like Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Spatial, Oracle Spatial 10i/11g, PostgreSQL, etc. Therefore, the map data can be utilized by multiple users, and the availability of the data can be improved. Meanwhile, users can export the data in the databases mentioned above to vector data.
Support SuperGIS Toolkit
SuperGIS DataManager 3.2 enables users to utilize hundreds of analysis functions in SuperGIS Toolkit directly. Without starting SuperGIS Desktop, users can apply the functions to process with vector and raster data in SuperGIS DataManager.
SuperGIS DataManager 3.2 assists you in managing and processing spatial data efficiently.

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