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SuperGIS Data Management Tools
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SuperGeo provides 3 data management tools for users to rectify, manage, convert multiple common vector and raster layer formats. With the tools, you are able to manage and process your GIS data in the most efficient way. Additionally, the user-friendly and intuitive interface is the common feature of the three data management tools. Users who install SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 can own the tools for data management, rectification and conversion.

What SuperGIS Data Management Tools do we provide?
SuperGIS DataManager
SuperGIS DataManager 3.1 can help you to manage the layers. Due to the rise of GIS, a number of GIS formats are used in the market. SuperGIS DataManager 3.1 supports most of the common feature and raster layers to be displayed, copied, moved, deleted, etc.
SuperGIS DataRectifier
SuperGIS DataRectifier 3.1 is the application providing data rectification functions. Through the tool, you can utilize the feature or raster layer with the geodetic coordinate values to rectify the feature or raster layers without the coordinate values.
SuperGIS DataConvertor
SuperGIS DataConvertor 3.1 allows several common file formats and the SuperGeo-defined file formats to convert to one another. Therefore, you can not only use the files in SuperGIS series products, but you can also convert the file formats defined by SuperGeo to other formats which can be used in other GIS software.
SuperGIS DataManagement Tools



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