SuperGIS Webinar

A High-Accuracy Solution for Forest Management

Applied SuperGIS software
SuperSurv & SuperGIS Desktop 

Geospatial technology is changing how everything works, including industries with a long history such as farming and forestry. As wildfires, pests, and illegal logging still threaten forests, forest rangers really need a geospatial solution to protect these valuable woods more effectively. By using the solution offered by Supergeo and Hi-Target, forest rangers can reach sub-meter positioning and analyze the data precisely.

In this webinar, we will bring you
1.The important duties and missions of a forest ranger.
2.How to integrate GIS & GPS for precise forest management.
3.How to conduct this solution in a real patrolling.
4.Recording and reporting the position of illegal logging.
5.Analyzing and predicting illegal logging with GIS

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