Creating a Fleet Management System with SuperGIS Server


When running a business for logistics or transportation, it is necessary to develop a fleet management system to track down the location and condition of every vehicle. With the help of such system, the transportation company will be able to get the hang of real-time information of all vehicles it has …


Supplement and Transportation of Public Bike


Connecting the communication among Metro stations in Kaohsiung and city center, city bus and school bus are the primary vehicles for students of Kaohsiung Municipal Chungshan Senior High School. However, the route of city bus was suspended; therefore students who used to take city bus need to take free shuttle instead…


Taiwan Transportation Decision Support System (TTDSS)


Transportation system is composed of roads, railways, subways, ports and airports, etc. The transportation facilities are competitive and complementary among each other. In the past in Taiwan, the construction plans were mostly drawn up and submitted to Executive Yuan by….


Integrated Information of Highway Bus Routes


In recent years, people need traffic information more urgently because of having closer social contact with each other. To meet people’s right to know and enable them to query bus information such as routes, stop information and so forth, “Highway Bus…

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