A Smart Management Solution to Pollution Source Inspection


The new era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data is coming as people rely more and more on data analysis to make important decisions. In the past, field inspectors often kept hand-written records on paper, which often renders the administrative works complicated and becomes a waste of human resources. Thus, the development of mobile APP turns out to be the best substitute for those paper records. When all inspection records are digitized in the mobile APP, field workers can send back the inspection motes within few minutes to the supervisors in the office so that they can make a quick decision on how to deploy skilled workers to the site. Also, the field inspectors are allowed to check the historical records to understand the case more thoroughly. Therefore, It’ll be much easier to grasp where the main pollution source is and when it happens more efficiently. Since all documents and related records are kept in digital form, it will also be beneficial to overall case management while reducing the cost of procrastination.


Currently, when the administration staff is doing the paperwork, the administrative procedure is often quite complex as one needs to enter the data in many different systems manually, which will expend a lot of human efforts. Sometimes, errors in data appear to be the main issue because there are no adequate monitoring and review mechanisms. Here are some common problems with the traditional paperwork:

  1. Data quality is not examined
  2. The procedures of photo processing are tedious
  3. The inspection records are incomplete
  4. No follow-ups and related statistics to daily inspection reports

In this project, a mobile APP for pollution source and the WEB for daily inspection reports are introduced, aiming to simplify the complicated procedures of field inspection and administrative works. As the communication between field workers and administrative staffs becomes smoother, it will greatly improve the overall working efficiency and lessen the workload of inspectors.


Use Javascript as the custom programming language to establish a backstage WEB which allows data to be uploaded, downloaded, and summarized in statistic tables.

Develop the APP for IOS and use API to interface WEB to APP


The administrative staffs can assign missions to inspectors according to their current locations, and see if their messages are read on the website in real time, which ensures a more effective communication and enhances working efficiency.


The system will bring in the information of the site automatically, such as category, inspection time, coordinates, and current situation. The inspectors just need to confirm if it is correct, fill in new inspection records, and upload the photos, simplifying the operation procedures.


In the APP, there is a page illustrating the statistical chart, which allows the manager to have a comprehensive understanding of the total number of cases in a month, the portion sizes of different categories, and how many of them are still awaiting. Then, the manager can refer to the statistics and adjust the deployment of field inspectors.


Users are also allowed to use conditional query and search for cases according to date or administrative area. They can easily know the current status of each case and read the detailed records of it to achieve a more rigorous management.


The conditional query function is also applied to the daily inspection records list. Users are able to edit or delete the historical records according to their authority and track the inspection conditions effectively.


With the great progress of GIS, value-added applications in diverse devices for data management becomes possible. By developing the mobile inspection APP that combines with backstage management, field workers will no longer need to type in the location information manually. Thanks to the location-based service (LBS) by GIS, the system will bring in all basic information automatically that will save a lot of time! As all inspection records and relevant documents are digitized, the processing procedure is greatly simplified, reducing schedule delays and increasing the overall inspection efficacy.

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