A Quick Review of SuperSurv 10

After the first release of SuperSurv 10 in March 2017, the product team of Supergeo has made unceasing efforts to improve the system to enhance the user experience. In SuperSurv 10, not only functions have been greatly augmented for diverse applications but also sufficient display space is designed for effortlessly feature editing, making SuperSurv a wise choice for users with various kinds of needs.

Fig.1 The brand-new interface of SuperSurv 10
Reviewing the New Functions 

There are five major improvements made since the first release. First, now it supports the Web Feature Service (WFS/WFS-Transaction) interface standard. Since the quality and speed of the Internet has been significantly improved, the barriers for data transfer seldom exist. Sharing data online has become a major trend in recent years. Supergeo also goes with the stream to design an easy and intuitive interface (Fig.2), which only needs users to key in Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to access the service for spatial data transfer. SuperSurv also allows people to get services that require accounts and passwords. Once the layers have been successfully downloaded to users’ devices, they can arbitrarily create, edit, or delete any features. Furthermore, users are still allowed to send the edited layers back to the server through the Internet.

Fig.2 WFS in SuperSurv 10

The second new feature is the Quick Report (Fig.3). It was designed due to the wide needs of field workers from different industries. They are desperately finding an efficient way to produce simple but informative field reports. In response to this demand, the Quick Report was developed by Supergeo to simplify the process of keeping field records. Users can export a report that includes all necessary information, such as the date, the name of surveyor, the legend, the user’s current location, the map, and the spatial reference in use, just within few steps. Also, users can enable the specific layers they want to display on the map. Now, there are four kinds of templates provided to satisfy different needs and applications.

Fig.3 Quick Report in SuperSurv 10

The third innovation of SuperSurv is the GPS setting page. To finish a field survey, we always need more than one technicians involved. For members of the same team, to produce a result with high reliability together, they need to unify their settings. For example, when they are using the high-accuracy NTRIP service, the URL, account, and password must be identical. If they are using an external antenna, same extra settings are needed as well. Hence, to increase the efficiency and avoid making mistakes, the new GPS setting page enables users to export GPS related settings as an XML file. One can share it with coworkers so that the whole team can import the shared XML file and use the same settings together. In this way, the conflicts caused by different settings will be reduced greatly, making the field survey smoother.

Fig.4 GPS Settings page

The fourth update is the information of the coordinate system. SuperSurv 10 supports a variety of coordinate systems, which is practical for users from all over the world to complete their field works with local systems. However, sometimes, the same coordinate system is given different names, which becomes very confusing when creating a new project. To solve this problem, Supergeo has added a query function. When users want to check the details of a coordinate system, all they need to do is to select a specific coordinate system and then press the “information” button below. After doing this, users can see the datum, the method of projection, and other projection parameters of this selected coordinate system. (Fig. 5)

Fig.5 The detail of coordinate system

The last new design to mention in this article will benefit the ones who want to use high-quality OSM service. To use this service, you will need an API key. If you don’t apply and get one, you will have to use OSM with the watermark. SuperSurv 10 now provides a field for users to type in the key, which helps users enter their keys and control the account with ease (Fig. 6).

Fig.6 The page to enter API Key

SuperSurv 10 is one of the most popular mobile GIS software that caters to users in different fields worldwide. To offer the best user experience, Supergeo takes every piece of advice to heart and continues to optimize every detail of SuperSurv 10, making it closer to perfection. Owing to our efforts, SuperSurv 10 has earned global recognition for its outstanding performance. It supports various kinds of foreign languages, such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, Indonesian, Turkish, and so on. Furthermore, with the simple and clear user interface, users can get the hang of SuperSurv 10 easily. That’s why many corporations around the world choose it as the key tool to assist their field works.

Fig.7 Multiple languages are supported in SuperSurv 10


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