Creating a Fleet Management System with SuperGIS Server


When running a business for logistics or transportation, it is necessary to develop a fleet management system to track down the location and condition of every vehicle. With the help of such system, the transportation company will be able to get the hang of real-time information of all vehicles it has. Therefore, services more adaptive could be provided. Furthermore, that will also cut off the communication time on phones, which significantly reduces costs.

Goals & Challenges

According to the current structure of fleet management system, operators should install the software on their own computer. That is, for example, you have to install the system in five individual computers when five people are managing the fleet. It incurs additional costs for the company, especially when the system provider needs to upgrade or maintain the software. Now, since most operating systems of desktop or tablet computers include built-in web browsers, the vehicle GPS tracker manufacturer, Hang-Di Technology Co., Ltd. would like to develop and promote a web solution to solve this problem so that enlarging the market share of its vehicle GPS tracker.

One of the best choices to develop such new fleet management system is using GIS server to receive and publish data over the internet in real-time. After consulting with Supergeo Project Team, several goals of this system are listed as follows.

  1. The coordinates of each vehicle should be sent back to the database in real-time and be displayed on the web map.
  2. The platform should provide the function for attribute query so that operators can directly check the information of vehicles such as location, speed, direction, and current condition.
  3. As smart devices become more prevalent in our daily lives, many people use web service by their phones. Therefore, providing a fleet management APP is also necessary.

To make this system have the maximum cost-effectiveness and instant technical support, Hang-Di Technology has decided to choose the reliable, flexible, and affordable SuperGIS Server 3.2 as the core system.

  1. The first step is to set up the IIS. The project team has selected OpenStreetMap (Pseudo Mercator EPSG 3857) as the basemap to create an ultra GIS website, considering the open-up of the overseas market in the future.
  2. After the information is sent back from each vehicle to the database, conversion of coordinates is needed because the original coordinate system is WGS84. Also, the data should be converted to GeoJSON format, so that the GIS server could instantly demonstrate the location of each vehicle on the map.
  3. The condition of vehicles could be underway, lost connection, etc. Using the native API of SuperGIS Server, the icons will be automatically switched according to the status of each vehicle. The administrator of the fleet can check the attribute through the pop-up window created by API and understand any related information about vehicles.
  4. Since the update of OSM is sometimes slow, which may cause some issues of management, the project team has used cache generator in SuperGIS Desktop to generate the latest map and overlay on the OSM.
  5. Use the Android SDK, which is provided by SuperGIS Server, to develop an APP for showing vehicles that can be easily received by end users.
Results & Benefits

A Web-based Solution for Fleet Management

This web GIS application has successfully integrated all information about the fleet. By streaming comprehensive vehicle data to the cloud, it enables the transportation company to manage the fleet in a more efficient way as well as guarantees the service quality. All the company needs to do now is to make sure the operators have a web browser with a steady internet connection, and he or she can control the condition of vehicles, maximizing the profit.


A Wide Variety of Basemaps

Other than using OSM as the basemap for increasing the market, this system also allows users to upload various map tiles, empowering users to add the latest POI and transportation map. Owing to this feature, the service quality will be improved significantly.


Monitoring Multiple Vehicles at the Same Time

With multi-window monitoring interface, users can decide how many vehicles and which vehicles they want to show on the screen with very simple settings.


Real-time Positioning

The information of each vehicle is represented as a point and shown on the web map in real-time so that users can track the position intuitively. Also, users can understand the condition of vehicles according to their current icons.


Attributes Query and Management

By using SuperGIS Server native API to customize attribute pop-up windows, users can check related information about any specified vehicle efficiently and straightforwardly.

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