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SuperGIS DataConvertor is a stand-alone and powerful data conversion tool, which is able to convert files between commonly used formats and Supergeo self-defined formats. With SuperGIS DataConvertor, you don’t need to launch SuperGIS Desktop to convert data for using them in Supergeo product series and other related platforms. Furthermore, SuperGIS DataConvertor also helps you to convert the spatial reference of data, so you can convert the file formats and spatial references at the same time.


Supported Data Conversion

SuperGIS DataConvertor supports various data conversions. There are several modes for users to choose such as raster data, vector data, network data, and TIN data mode. In vector data mode, you can convert the files between Supergeo self-defined GEO format and other popular vector formats. SuperGIS DataConvertor supports users to convert ten types of vector formats, such as SHP to GEO, GEO to KML, etc. If you choose raster data mode, you can convert the files from Supergeo self-defined raster format SGR to conventional formats like LAN. Or in contrary, users can also convert eight types of raster data to SGR, like LAN to SGR, TIF to SGR, etc. And in TIN data mode, users can convert Supergeo’s GEO, ESRI’s SHP, and SGR format to TIN data.


Advanced Conversion Settings

Moreover, users can export the most suitable files with advanced settings. For example, in Raster Data Settings, you can adjust the compression mode and the quality of output. In NRT Settings, you can set Turn Threshold, Turn Cost, Weight, etc. in the settings window. With advanced settings, the converted files can be appropriately used for other analyses like network analysis, and spatial analysis.


Powerful Capability for File Conversion

SuperGIS DataConvertor is suitable for users at all levels. Light users can conduct basic data conversion with ease, while heavy users can apply advanced conversion capabilities to process data efficiently. When users want to convert massive data or the data in different folders at one time; with the batch conversion function, you can select multiple files from different folders and set an additional prefix for them. After conversion, the customized prefix will be added to the selected data automatically. As a result, you will no longer need to convert files one by one, so that not only the time spent on format conversion can be shortened but also the working efficiency can be improved.


Spatial Reference Conversion

The spatial reference of the data often needs to be converted when converting the data format; SuperGIS DataConvertor undoubtedly supports such task. If you want to convert the spatial reference of data, you should first check the spatial reference of original data and then assign the desired spatial reference to convert. After conversion is finished, the projection of data will be overlaid with assigned projection.


In summary, SuperGIS DataConvertor is a useful tool for all GIS users. No matter you are a light user or heavy user, you can process data with ease. With the convenient built-in batch function, advanced conversion settings, and spatial references conversion, you can shorten the time spent on format conversion and significantly enhance your working efficiency!


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