Checking the Needed Cadastral Data in Seconds

Cadastre is one of the most important documentations we need to confirm when buying or selling real estates, and its history can be traced back to Roman Empire. The content of cadastral data is varied according to the regulation of different countries, but it must include the essential properties of each land parcel: the ownership and the boundary. In some countries, the cadastre also records the land tenure, the precise area, the category of land use, and the value of parcels.

Since cadastre is created and managed by the government and contains a detailed description of land parcels, it is used as legal documentation for disputes and lawsuits of real properties in most countries. Other than real estates, cadastral data is also widely applied in other aspects, such as urban planning and agricultural development. For example, in Taiwan, the agriculture department in local government needs to access and check cadastral data on-site when approving the application for governmental subsidies and compensations.

Located in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, Longtan District is a rural district where many people are farmers. Therefore, the officials of local government have to frequently check the cadastre to approve various applications sent from the farmers. The current process includes a series of tasks from extracting the related cadastre, overlaying with satellite images, validating the condition on-site, and post-processing the data. It is not only a complex workflow but also wastes a lot of time and resources.
As mentioned in Challenges, the inadequate integration between cadastral data and other data results in many unnecessary and redundant works for applications approval. Therefore, the officials of Longtan District Office want to execute all related tasks with one integrated and efficient system.
Developed by Supergeo, Mobile Cadastral GIS is a GIS application for Android mobile devices, which aims to assist field workers to rapidly validate cadastral data on-site, and is an ideal product for this case. With abundant features equipped by Mobile Cadastral GIS, a smoother and integrated workflow for officials of Longtan District Office could be formulated as follows.

First, request the digital cadastral maps from the land administration office and then overlay with the satellite imagery with Desktop GIS software. After the data is projected and rectified correctly, input data to the Mobile Cadastral GIS.

▲ Fig.1 Integrate and access cadastre by Mobile Cadastral GIS.
After the data has been prepared and loaded, the officials can find needed cadastre in seconds when confirming the forms provided by the applicants. And for on-site validation, the officials can activate the waypoint capability and select multiple points as the destinations for navigation. Also, the track of field works can be recorded by the built-in GNSS of devices and downloaded as the reference for further uses.

Furthermore, the official can take geo-tagged photos and measure related information like the area and the length of target areas to estimate the exact compensations or appropriate subsidies.

▲ Fig.2 Various features are included in Mobile Cadastral GIS.
(from left to right, E-compass, waypoint guidance, on-site measurement)
By the assistance of Mobile Cadastral GIS, the officials of Longtan District Office now have a more integrated and efficient workflow for approving various applications. In the past, it took days or even weeks to accomplish all the related tasks from finding the cadastral data of the applicant to field validation and the final geo-data processing. But now all these tasks can be done within one day by using Mobile Cadastral GIS, much faster than the old workflow.
Modern geospatial technologies can offer better solutions and significantly improve workflows for diverse fields of work. In this case, the officials of local government gain great convenience by the abundant features of Mobile Cadastral GIS. The original workflow is complex and tedious, which is replaced by a smart and all-in-one solution that can considerably enhance the efficiency. That is the power of GIS technologies.

Since most countries record cadastre with different formats, the Mobile Cadastre GIS is temporarily only available in Taiwan. But Supergeo is developing an international version to best fit the demands from cadastral users all over the world.

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