Social Networks and Geography

Social networks are networks composed of nodes (people) and links (relationships). Thanks to the Internet, there are many social network platforms to let people grow their social networks online. Social network platforms have been part of our lives now. We login Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others to get connected with everyone else in the world. As said by the Small World theory, every man in this world is connected to each other no more than a 6-degree relationship, meaning that a stranger in a different country may be a friend of your friend’s friend’s friend’s friend. If you try to plot all your Facebook friends, you may get a network like the figure below.


What we can observe in the figure is that we are so closely connected to each other. As a result, people are wondering, “As Internet killed time and space, did social network platforms kill geography?”


But if we plot the location of our friends on a map, we can find that most of them are actually closer in space than we think, as shown in the figure above. Everything happens in this world takes a place. Therefore, location-based information can help to discover patterns and even causes. For example, if we can plot every mention of Ebola on Twitter, we will be able to see how it diffuses across space and time.

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