Develop Real-time GIS with SuperGIS Server API

It is nothing new for a geographic information system to analyze and visualize the geospatial events nowadays. We know that we can get more insights into the geographical phenomenon and thus make better decision with GIS. However, we are now living in a fast-changing world. When we are making decisions, we want to make that decision based on what is happening now. Therefore, a real-time GIS is needed for this fast-paced world.

What is a Real-time GIS?


What Can We Do with a Real-time GIS?
When we have the access to real-time data and visualize them, it would be much easier for us to understand the situation and even make predictions. With real-time GIS, we will be able to answer questions like: Which vehicle in my fleet is the closest to my location at this moment? Are there any earthquakes around my country? How long does it take for the delivery truck reach my clients? Are there any car accidents nearby?

SuperGIS Server and Real-time Data
SuperGIS Server provides users the abilities to incorporate real-time information into decision making. With SuperGIS Server JavaScript API, users can manage the flow of real-time data by collecting data streams from sensors; adding and processing the data through JavaScript API, like CSVLayer, WMSLayer, WMTSLayer, and so on; and finally presenting them with relevant information to users as a map via websites. For example, with the real-time earthquake data published by USGS, users can see a real-time earthquake distribution all across the world on SuperGIS Server platform. The data published is in CSV format; therefore, you can use CSVLayer in the SuperGIS Server JavaScript API to add it to your web map with ease.


Want to Learn More?
Supergeo now provides the best playground for all developers who are interested in learning our JavaScript API. On the code playground, you can see the source code of the demo website. What’s even better is that you can directly modify the codes on the left and see what happens immediately. Therefore, learning the API has never been so easy before!

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