Conserving Forests Using SuperGIS Products

Forest conservation includes planning and managing forest natural resources and its ecosystem for sustainable use. It is important because the forests provide wildlife a suitable habitat, filter groundwater, and prevent runoff. Using a combination of SuperGIS products can help conserving the forests and achieve environmental sustainability.

Identify target species

To conserve the forest, the target species should be identified first. For example, this article identifies the Chinese guger tree (CGT) in Nantou, Taiwan, as the target species. Then, a group of surveyors can be dispatched to collect CGT samples using SuperPad. By using related table design and post-processing the collected data, the efficiency and accuracy of data collection can be greatly increased.


Find habitats of the target species

Once the data are collected, they can be further analyzed in SuperGIS Desktop. For example, a logistic regression model in Spatial Statistical Analyst can be applied to find out suitable habitats of CGT. After running the model, the habitats can be identified and visualized on the map.

20151012 FA_223ec937b-ebb7-4e0c-a0e3-5d9be8efcbe7

As indicated from the figure above, the habitats of CGT located where the elevation is between 1 – 2.1 km high and the slope is between 0 – 41 degrees. These areas can be visualized in SuperGIS Globe and understand how the habitats distribute across the study area, as shown in the figure below. The color indicates the possibility of the occurrence of CGT. Warm (red) color indicates a high possibility. After the habitats are located, resources can be efficiently distributed to conserve the habitats and achieve sustainable use.

20151012 FA_3447b8ee6-9e2e-4d13-864b-beabc8939520


Forest conservation is a fundamental step in sustaining bio-systems. And it includes tasks like identifying target species in the study area and the habitats of the target species so that resources can be efficiently distributed. 
In this scenario, users can integrate different kinds of SuperGIS products, including SuperPad, SuperGIS Desktop, and SuperGIS Globe to help forests conservation. SuperPad provides useful tools to increase the efficiency and accuracy of data collection. SuperGIS Desktop helps to run complicated models to identify habitats. And finally the results can be better visualized in SuperGIS Globe in a 3D interacting environment. With SuperGIS products, there will be infinite possibilities and applications!

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