Working on Multiple Machines to Accelerate Map Caching process

Using map tiles is a very good way to enhance the map performance when you have massive layers to display. For example, if you have 20 layers in a map, it may take a long time to draw the map whenever the map is refreshed. (Zooming and panning also refresh maps.) But if the map is cached at several scales ahead of time, it will just take a few seconds to display the map since they are already pre-cached as images.


Although caching maps is a good idea, it is sometimes a time-consuming task to generate a map cache. Therefore, it is important for users to work with multiple machines. The Cache Generator within SuperGIS Desktop supports to split the map caching job into several parts and assign them to multiple machines. In this way, the map caching process can be greatly accelerated.

For example, you can split the map into 2 parts, left part and right part.
Then you use 2 machines to create map caches for the 2 parts at all the defined scales. Afterwards, use Cache Generator to merge the 2 parts into one single map cache.

However, there are often large quantities of tiles at a large scale, and it may cost a lot of time (few weeks, months, even years) and computer resources to generate those tiles. Therefore, you can use more machines to generate tiles at large scales as well as use lesser machines to generate tiles at small scales. As shown in the picture below.


There are, of course, more skills other than using multiple machines to accelerate the map cache process. For example, you can use an appropriate supertile size. Factors that influence map performance will also influence the map caching process time. For example, making sure that each layer has the same coordinate system as the map one will certainly accelerate the process. This article shows you the benefits of using map tiles and some tips about making the map caching process faster, hope it can help you while using the Cache Generator. If you want to know more about how to use the Cache Generator to assign map cache jobs to different machines, please watch a video at:

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