New Features of SuperPad 3.3.1 (Windows Mobile / PC)

SuperPad is a full-function mobile GIS application which contains the powerful and complete GIS functions as well as a superior price-performance ratio, helping field-based users to collect, edit, display and measure spatial data with a reasonable budget. Its highly flexible development environment and diversified extensions also enable users to create ideal platforms and meet more demands of diverse tasks. Moreover, SuperPad now integrates with the latest cloud technology which allows data synchronization between mobile platform and enterprises’ servers, significantly improving the efficiency of field works.

The latest version of the SuperPad has been released for global users. During the process of preparing and developing the annual updates, Supergeo R&D team have been focusing on usability and reliability to bring the best mobile GIS experience and data quality to users, making sure that all the new functions like NTRIP extension, Z value, Bing map supporting etc. work perfectly with the refined main structure.

Key Features of SuperPad 3.3.1
GNSS Supporting and NTRIP Enhancement
The NTRIP extension within SuperPad 3.3.1 now not only allows users to apply NTRIP Caster service like virtual reference station (VRS) RTK service provider or private station services for getting much precise field data, but also supports much more mainstream GNSS modules. In addition, the PC version of SuperPad now also supports to connect with external GNSS receiver(s) via Bluetooth connection or wired connection. In the part of on-screen display information, the HUD display panel in NTRIP extension now shows information not only with NTRIP transmitting status and fixing quality, but also information like PDOP and Accuracy. Finally, in order to make better use of the field data, the new SuperPad allows users to automatically record the observation height in Z value of geometry while collecting data via GNSS.

DataService and OGC Service Renew
The renewed DataService Tool and OCG services now provide user with much flexibility approaching to WMS, WFS and WMTS services. The various newly added functions such as administrative setting, service information and some other convenient tools are assembled to bring better experiences for OGC data and resources use.

AdvancedAttributeTable Enhancement
AdvancedAttributeTable has been being an all-time-hit toolset within SuperPad, helping users to collect data with higher efficiency and quality via pre-designed attribute table and drop-down list. Now AdvancedAttributeTable provides a better option for users to apply in daily field work: Relative Form.
The attribute forms in parent-child relationship that can be set up easily helps field workers to record the data through simple operations and relative options in each forms.

More General Modifications
SuperPad which is keen to provide localized mobile GIS solution for every user leads to better supports of customized Geographic/Projected Coordinate System, European measurement units and upgraded Waypoint system. Both Geographic and Projected Coordinate System set in SuperPad now not only allow users to import the customized projection file, but also to modify the detailed settings such as datum, projection and also their parameters. Great news for users in Europe is that SuperPad now provides fully supported European measurement unit, bringing much more convenient and correct data display. The upgraded Waypoint system now is providing precise information about target angle and distance, bringing the best field work experience for all users.



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