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Nowadays, people care about environmental issues more than before. For example, institutions in nations all over the world are publishing air quality indices every day. However, each nation identifies pollution by its own standard which might be different in other nations, and institutions that provide air quality indices may employ different monitoring ways; it is difficult for people to comprehend how the quality of the environment around them is.

Since 2000, Environmental Protection Administration had been planning a comprehensive environmental information database and a series of related construction, wishing to provide precise and effective data and the integrated environmental information from environmental-management-related departments to the public; therefore, the public, interior operational sectors of Environmental Protection Administration and governmental interdepartmental staffers can share data and information through the common channel.


To enable the public to have comprehensive grasp of real-time environmental condition for protective prevention taking, Environmental Protection Administration updates Real-time Environment Condition Push App by adding new several convenient functions. The updated App is capable of accessing Google Map that people are familiar with, allowing users to query and view diverse environment indices on map anytime.
Aspects that are mainly improved for Real-time Environment Condition Push App include:

  1. Mash up environment-related open data, enabling users to get information with ease
  2. Develop interactive environmental-theme atlas, providing the public with observable real-time environment condition information
  3. Build cooperation mechanism, lasting atlas updating tasks

1. Providing Users with Real-time Environment Condition Information around Them:
The information include Air Quality, Ultraviolet Index, Weather in Districts, Water Quality, Dust Storm forecast and Air Quality Forecast from Environmental Protection Administration. Besides, Cities/Counties Weather Forecast, Deluge and Earthquake Reports from Central Weather Bureau, Debris Flow Warnings from Soil and Water Conservation Bureau and Flood Alert from Water Resources Agency are contained within the App as well, giving rich and complete environmental information.

▲ Environment condition information of Sinyi District in Taipei, including Deluge Forecast, Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5), Pollutants Standard Index (PSI), Ultraviolet Index (UVI), River Pollution Index (RPI) and the temperature.

Main environmental indices include Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5), Pollutants Standard Index (PSI), Ultraviolet Index (UVI), River Pollution Index (RPI) and so forth. In this App, the latest indices are demonstrated with the dashboard; users can add locations like home, office or any out-door position, then switch among them to view these information/indices. Additionally, as the PM 2.5 and PSI indices are displayed with the forecast in two days, users will be able to prepare protective prevention for their daily life or special activities ahead of time. Moreover, the public can also review tendency chart of air quality records by using this App to know how air quality changed.

▲ River Pollution Index (RPI) of Sinyi District in Taipei City

2. Providing Administrative District Positioning Function:
Users can select a county/city/administrative district and query the environmental information. From now, there are several air-quality-monitoring stations in Taiwan for people to read the real-time environmental indices of each district, township or where monitoring stations are located through the map. In addition, the App also supports to view areas that show the maximum/minimum indices on the day..

▲District Administrative Positioning Function


▲Click the index to enter detailed information page of the monitoring station

3. Enabling Customization:
Through Alarming Setting function, users can set alarm notification by specifying tolerance value of local air quality index and ultraviolet index. The App will push a notification between 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. automatically according to the index that reaches the specified tolerance value supervised hourly, providing users with instantaneous and location-based-environment condition alarm service. Not only real-time environment condition information and weather of the physical location and common-used locations of a user are provided, the newly added forecast and enhanced alarm push function are also supplied to the public and to those people who are hypersensitive to over-polluted environment as proper and immediate advice for out-door activities.

▲Customization and environment indices supplied to the public and people who are hypersensitive to over-polluted environment as proper and immediate advice for out-door activities

Enhanced by R&D team of Supergeo Technologies Inc., the updated Environment Messenger App dramatically boosts user interface and extends GIS characteristics-integrating with map, data, daily life of people and smartphone habits-to offer convenience to the public, showing environment indices in an easy-to-understand way to people.


In coming days, the Real-time Environment Condition Push App is going to access the latest message and alert from Environmental Protection Administration any time to push alarming notification; so that people can set alarm standards of indices to have the App notify them about the real-time environment condition information. The App helps to rise people’s awareness of environment changes and enables users to comprehend information of the environment around them for better and more active health care measure. And for further application, the App can be designed to allow users to set whether to access message from Environmental Protection Administration portal site; in this way, users can receive and view messages, just like what they do with the App, from the portal site on their smartphones.


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