Create Offline Basemap With SuperGIS Desktop 3.3 For Field Work!

A mobile GIS is a GIS system on your mobile devices, which can be very helpful for field works. Field surveyors often work in areas without internet connection. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare offline spatial data before the field work. To prevent slowing down efficiency of mobile GIS, there is a need to reduce size of spatial data without losing resolution. In this article, we will introduce how to prepare data and transform the data into a lightweight and high resolution format with SuperGIS Desktop 3.3 so that we can add offline basemap into mobile GIS and increase efficiency during field work.


Organize Spatial Data You Need

You can use tools within SuperGIS Desktop to create the layers you required, such as applying edit tool to draw investigative routes or employing SuperGIS toolkit to process data. To create a map with better view, there are some flexible settings for map rendering. Also, abundant symbols are built within the software for features; users can easily apply symbols to accurately convey the meaning of each feature.


Create Lightweight Maps For Your Mobile Devices

To generate lightweight and high-resolution offline basemaps, you can use cache generator to transform spatial data to cache maps. Cache Generator is an add-on of SuperGIS Desktop for generating map tiles. It also supports to process large amount of data through data separation settings, providing users with considerable flexibility. In this way, divided data can be assigned to different computers to generate cache maps with different scales and areas; subsequently, you can merge the separated data and complete the generation task.


To update spatial data in cache maps, you just need to regenerate map tiles of the specified areas instead of the whole map, and merge separation data again; the task duration will be reduced significantly and effectively.

Mashup Cache Maps On Your Device

After importing data to mobile device installed mobile GIS such as SuperPadSuperSurv(Android / iOS), you can add cache maps as offline basemap and collect field data by various tools within SuperGIS Desktop like edit tools, GPS tools, and so on. Now, everything is ready, let’s go to the field!


This article introduces how to apply SuperGIS Desktop to create cache maps for offline environment and help increase efficiency of field works. With SuperGIS products, you can always get your GIS tasks done quickly and easily!

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