Vector Mosquito Data Management System


Located in subtropical zone, the humid environment in Taiwan is amenable to mosquito growth. Besides, under conditions of diverse related factors, epidemic caused by vector mosquito bite occurs easily. Hence, the epidemic control division built Vector Mosquito Data Management System providing regional field survey, real-time data reporting and relevant references. The system enables administrators to get the real-time data of vector mosquitoes and the relevant spatial information with visualized mapping technologies to make better decisions of epidemic prevention and management.


To provide comprehensive capability of data management, Vector Mosquito Data Management System is required to connect, integrate and display mass quantity of internal and external data/information. Additionally, the capability of mapping and presenting time-space analyses related data and the analysis results is also indispensable.


Vector Mosquito Data Management System is designed to display spatial data and its detailed attribute data on map in a simple and intuitive way. And the data displayed on map can provide users with worthy references to interpret data information and make strategies of vector mosquito prevention.


The core of Vector Mosquito Data Management System is based on SuperGIS Server 3, SuperGIS Server Spatial Statistical Analyst and the database, Microsoft SQL Server. SuperGIS Server 3 is the server which enables enterprises to create, manage, integrate, and publish various types of GIS services within the centralized server infrastructure. Based on SuperGIS Server 3, Vector Mosquito Data Management System is capable of presenting relevant spatial data and images thru GIS services as well as supporting administrators to manipulate GIS functions and assisting administrators in building an appropriate workflow to significantly enhance effectiveness of decision.


1. Adopting SuperGIS Server as the Core System:
By adopting SuperGIS Server as the core system, GIS data and images of vector mosquitoes can be managed centrally. In addition, Vector Mosquito Data Management System also integrates with TGOS MAP API, the official online map service of Taiwan, to supply multiple spatial functions and GIS data. TGOS MAP, built by Taiwan government, is an official GIS platform and also employs SuperGIS Server as its platform core; therefore, map services from TGOS MAP can be effectively integrated and overlaid on Vector Mosquito Data Management System.


2. Providing Intuitive and Simple Interface and Workflow:

Main functions of the system contain “Map”, “Spatial Data Maintenance”, “Analysis Result”, “Case Management”, “Theme Map Management” and “Account Settings.” By switching among tabs of each main function, administrators can display, maintain, analyze and manage GIS data on system interface with ease.


3. Supporting to Query and Analyze Data with Time, Space and Relevant Conditions:
While querying or analyzing GIS data, administrators can utilize diverse conditions provided within different functions. And the results corresponding to the selected conditions will be displayed on map service of the system. For example, either locations of each infected case or buffer analysis result of vector mosquito indices can be displayed. Therefore, spatial distribution of data can be observed directly and clearly and will help administrators to make prevention strategy effectively.


4. Supporting to Integrate Meteorological Data with Map Service:
Vector Mosquito Data Management System supports to overlay spatial data and analyze spatial relations by plotting meteorological data on map with SuperGIS Spatial Analyst. Due to climatic environment is an influential factor in vector mosquito breeding, the system assists administrators in overlaying meteorological data with map service through spatial analysis functions. As a result, administrators can straightforwardly query precipitation of rain on each district through map service on the system, or utilize the map service to view the real-time hyetograph from Weather Bureau to comprehend precipitation completely and make strategy and the timing of implementation of vector mosquito prevention.


5. Plotting Relation Graphs According to Time-Space Relevance of Each Infected Case:
Cluster of infected case is related to the regional feature of the vector mosquitoes. Vector Mosquito Data Management System supports administrators to display information of every infected case on GIS system and map the relevant GIS data used to improve management and prevention on each region. In this way, related divisions can also enhance prevention strategies like medication, environment hygiene, etc.


Vector Mosquito Data Management System enables users to query and analyze epidemic information directly and display the spatialized data on the map service. Meanwhile, the meta-analysis results of time-space factors also help administrators to interpret epidemic trends specifically and provide related divisions with more references to deal with the following epidemic problems.

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