Moalajah e-Map Application


Moalajah is a joint venture between Veolia Water and Besix. As their subsidiary, Moalajah FZC LLC is responsible for operation and maintenance of waste water services and facilitates customer billing and consolidation. The waste water can be used for irrigation, industrial processes, green space and golf course maintenance. Thus Moalajah’s main tasks are to produce resource recovery from wastewater, and make it into important resources.

Moalajah is also advanced on the strategies for biological/chemical treatment which lead to savings in energy and chemical consumptions. Moalajah’s carbon and water footprint initiatives help clients respond to stakeholder expectations to reduce environmental and resource impacts. Therefore, they need a GIS web-based solution which is able to assist higher management in making decisions and analyzing the area for consideration.

Evolving GeoSystems Technologies, Supergeo platinum reseller in United Arab Emirates, has provided them a complete GIS solution for analysis, searching and reporting based on the plots and related network assets.

Fujairah Public Works and Agriculture Department, GIS e-Map

The web application provides interactive visual information of the entire properties and assets located in the Ajman Emirate. The web application is developed using Moalajah existing OGC based geodatabase connected with their Oracle based database and SuperGIS Server.

In the web application, there are various pop-up menus on the searching criteria which help Moalajah operation and management team to analyze the assets and properties in the Ajman Emirates. They can import data from CSV into the application and reports can be exported into PDF and EXCEL. The application is able to perform advance searching based on multiple values. It also has an advance measurement tool with different units of measures.

Hence, Moalajah with the complete GIS solution and modern technologies leverages the value of water and wastewater resources.

The user interface of Moalajah e-Map Application

In the web based GIS portal, there are several GIS layers created from their existing databases and overlaid on the high resolution satellite image. These layers are based on the operations of Moalajah and provided for users to have in-depth analysis of their activities. Thus, the website with a number of layers facilitates the higher management to make decision.

The main functions of the website include user management, map manipulation, and data input and output.

The website displays the layer existing in databases and satellite images.
User Management

1. User Management
Only the authorized users can access the portal. The user has to register first and login in using his registered username and password. While registering, if a user forgets his/her password, the user can apply the tool to ask for users’ password and it will be sent to his/her email account.

2. Members Tab
Once the user logs in, depending on the rights, he/she will be able to access the portal. He/She will have his/her own members tab where all the access links will be displayed.

3. Operation and Management/ CS Link
Users can click on the Operation and Management or Customer service link, and users will see a basemap where a widget with all the functions displayed.

interface of user managment
Map Manipulation

1. Locating
On the main page, users can locate the coordinates of that particular area in consideration.

2. Measure Tool
The user can measure a particular plot and have the tool to change the unit of measurement in manipulation.

3. Advanced Search Query
In the application, we have a tool to build the advanced queries that use the relational operators to find the particular plots or assets.

4. Identify Tool
It helps the user to identify the description of assets and plots.

Locating Tool
Advanced Search Query
Data Input and Output

1. Reports
Users in different departments can have different report types. These reports are mainly classified into the basic and detailed reports.

In the basic reports, we can find the consolidated data of all the plots into consideration and similarly all the asset in consideration whereas in the detailed reports we will get complete information of each plot and asset respectively.

These reports can be exported into PDF and Excel The purpose of these reports is to give an insight and analyze their resources and billing information.

2. Print Tool
We can print the map extent with heading and sub headings. We can export the map into PDF as well.

3. Import Tool
We can import the CSV values into the map. We just need to drag and drop on the map and it will be mapped.

Reports Output
Print Tool
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