New Features of SuperSurv 3.1

SuperSurv, the mobile survey system, mainly provides the functions including spatial data collection, real-time positioning, waypoint guidance, etc. SuperSurv supports the settings of global coordinate systems and allows users to save the collected point, line, polygon features as SHP or GEO files for further applications. SuperSurv 3.1 primarily enhances the map display and manipulation and also improves the feature measurement and editing functions. Meanwhile, Augmented Reality (AR) function is also supported at 3.1 version. The details of the new functions are listed as below:

Map Display and Manipulation Enhancement

  • In Layer Setting page, users are allowed to long press and drag the layer to reorder the layers.
  • In “Identify Query” setting page, “select all layers” and “select all fields” are supported. In “Attribute Query” setting
    page, “select all fields” is supported.
  • Support to set the transparency of layers (including vector layer, SGT layer, and layer from SuperGIS Server) to enhance the map display.
  • Users are allowed to set the tolerance of map manipulation to more easily select the features or functions they need.

Feature Measurement and Editing Improvement

  • Support “Feature Measurement” function; SuperSurv supports to display the XY coordinate of point feature, length of line feature, perimeter and area of polygon features.
  • Support “Feature rotation” functions. In editing, users can set the anchor and rotate the feature to edit the features more flexibly.
  • Support “Snapping” function; users can set the tolerance for editing. In editing the vertex of features, SuperSurv can help users to s snap the vertex that is within the tolerance range.

Augmented Reality Support

  • Support to show waypoints via Augmented Reality; SuperSurv supports to apply Augmented Reality to show theSupport to show waypoints via Augmented Reality; SuperSurv supports to apply Augmented Reality to show the  position of waypoint and the straight distance between current position and the waypoint.

e-Compass Support

  • Users can choose the display the e-compass with the map to recognize the real direction the users is heading.
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