The Miaoli Health Resource Network


In order to improve service efficiency, ease staffs’ loading and provide abundant healthy information, Miaoli County Public Health Bureau, Taiwan is trying to share information through the internet system effectively. Besides, with the development of geographic information, the bureau also wants to present information in a different way with new technology to have people and staffs make much more effective use of the information.

Considering the related budget and resource, the Miaoli Health Resource Network combines with Google Map services to enrich the system functions and integrate the related information by the Internet and GIS.


This project aims to combine the data of the bureau for years with GIS to provide the related healthy information in Miaoli County through the Internet. The integrated system is expected to publish the data in public, enhance the working efficiency, and provide information for the public so that people can know what achievements the bureau has done.


Environmental Planning

I. GIS Server Software

The system adopts SuperWebGIS as the core platform of GIS that can process the integrated data with spatial analysis.

II. Database Management Software

The System adopts SQL Server 2008 as the database management software. The geodatabase function provided by SQL Server 2008 constructs the related spatial information of the system and improve the efficiency of data searching and querying.

III. Integrate with Google Map Display

The Miaoli Health Resource Network integrates Google Map so that people can derive rich map information from Google Map, and the budget of the bureau can be lowered at the same time.

Data Integraion
Data sources include cause of death, water quality, sources of health education, reports of food inspection and so forth, The data are integrated and uploaded by each sections of the bureau, and the system will process and analyze those uploaded data by set-up rules.

In addition, platforms for information display and data management are contained within the Network system. The collected data are analyzed automatically by the system for people to query and use on information displaying platform. The administrators are able to set up accounts, authorities, data uploading, and manage and edit the collected data on the management platform to ensure the information can be displayed correctly on the front-end platform.


The data provided by the Network system contain public health data , interactive scale for self-health examination, resource of health education and reports of food and water quality inspection.

1. Public Health Data
Public Health Data Query” enables people to query causes of death, medical resources, health information and monitoring data which are shown in differing presentation modes. For example, the data of causes of death are displayed as spatial distribution chart as the following. In this distribution chart, the color in each town present the statistical results of the causes of death, so that people can interpret the information with the chart easily and clearly.

The spatial statistics of the cause of death in Miaoli

“Medical Source Query” contains Google Map services and utilizes API provided by Google Map. Therefore, people can query the information of medical resource and position the address.

2. Interactive Scale for Self-health Examination
To know self health in current, people are able to have self-health examination on their own by clicking on interactive form provided by the Network system on the Internet. Physical health scale, mental health scale and mental state scale for elder adults are contained to provide multifaceted examinations. And the Network system will provide suggestions and information after people take the test.

The self-heath examinations

3. Resource of health education
People are allowed to easily browse and download the related information of health education which is provided by Public Health Bureau of Miaoli County Government through the Network system. Information about mental health, medicine information, health promotion, food safety, smoking hazard prevention, workplace health and prevention of Infectious Disease, can be browsed or downloaded as well on the website.

Health education for browsing and downloading

4. Results of Food and Water Quality Inspection

“Results of Food and Water Quality Inspection” allow people to quickly query results of foods inspection for having people eat safely and healthily. Also, with the image display on the panel, people can choose and query the category they want to know about foods and manufacturers that are inspected. Information here is also provided to be queried and downloaded.

“Results of Water Quality Inspection” is used to see if the water quality in the swimming pools or the SPA facilities meets the sanitary standard. Therefore, people can decide which place to go to or facilities to use according to the results of querying. By utilizing the drop-down menu and setting, colors are used on the map for presenting different results of querying. Take the following picture as example. Those green marks on the map represent qualified results of water quality inspection and red marks represent those are not qualified.

Health education for browsing and downloading

Data contained within the Miaoli Health Resource Network are collected by Miaoli County Public Health Bureau year by year. Information, such as the statistical results of causes of death, monitoring data, results of inspection and multifaceted healthy resources, are publicized for people in Miaoli to perceive and gain effectively and clearly. As a platform for information display, the Miaoli Health Resource Network also strengthen staffs’ ability and efficiency of business undertaking every year, and lighten their loading at the same time. Furthermore, health education publicizing is extended extensively through information utilizing to provide people with much effective and accurate medical care.

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