Toucheng Bike Tour Guide System


Located in the northest of Yilan county, Toucheng was the first town established by Ching Dynasty in Yilan, and it was the most crucial economic center of Lanyan plain. Nowadays, numerous historical remains that had experienced the glorious times of Toucheng in the past are still reserved. Surrounded by mountains in the north and west and Pacific Ocean in the east, Toucheng has the natural perfect protections. The various terrains and long coast of Toucheng have contributed the abundant natural scenery and ecology.

In recent years, the bike-riding is getting more and more popular so that the local government has constructed a lot of bikeways, each of which has unique features, aiming to let tourists have more fun in Toucheng through riding bikes. Besides the beautiful natural scenery and historical architectures, the local government also attempts to have the tourists know Toucheng more profoundly through the electronic tour guide system.

Toucheng, the first town established by Ching Dynasty in Yilan, reserves numerous historical remains.

Since most electronic guide services are offered with one-way and non-flexible narration services only, the tourists cannot interact with the services more tightly. As a result, enhancing the interaction between tourists and the mobile guide system and motivate the tourists to appreciate culture, history and natural scenery become one of the most crucial challenges in the project.

In addition, with rich cultural history and natural sources, Toucheng could offer the rich information to tourists. However the huge amount of data might decrease the hardware performance. Therefore, another crucial issue to the project is how to operate the tour guide system smoothly with the huge amount of data.

Besides the rich tour guide information, the easy-to-use and user-friendly user interface could be viewed as an important challenge as well. An easy-to-use and user-friendly manipulation environment can effectively reduce the manipulation errors and the maintaining cost and also increase the tourists’ willingness to use the system. Thus, more and more people are able to know the beautiful Toucheng.


With plenty of historical sites and natural scenery and bikeways built by the local government, Toucheng is fairly suitable for tourists to travel by bike riding. In order to enable tourists not only to appreciate the different cultural and natural scenery but also understand the depth of local culture, history and ecology in an easy way, the local government establishes a set of easy-to-use electronic tour guide system that provides tourists with the professional guide information services.

To provide multiple and professional guide services and meet users’ needs, the electronic guide system focuses on multi-lingual support, selection of tour routes, GPS navigation and the abundant guide contents when being developed. The goal is to provide the tourists with professional and high quality guide services through the electronic guide system and leave them wonderful travel memories.


Toucheng Bike Tour Guide System is a set of mobile tour guide system designed with SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 as the base. With GIS and GPS technologies integrated, SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 is not only able to help administrators to establish the tour guide system which is equipped with GIS scenic spot database and GPS navigation and orientation functions but also to display the information about the scenic spot when the bike’s GPS position is within the buffer range.

During the establishment of Toucheng Bike Tour Guide System, the administrator can easily design a location based tour guide system through built-in managing application in SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3, SuperGIS Mobile Tour Manager, and set up the tour files, information, routes and various system settings.

Besides, the easy-to-use feature of SuperGIS Mobile Tour Manager allows the administrator to easily add, remove or adjust the guide information of the scenic spots, improving the effectiveness and utility of the tour guide information. In respect of deployment, the established tour guide system can easily be deployed to handheld devices equipped with GPS chips through storage card or cable. It could save plenty of time for the administrators in large deployment.
To the tourists, they can take the hand-held devices with the deployed tour guide system with them and simply follow the designed tour route to travel. While using tour guide system, as users are approaching the scenic spots on the tour route, the introduction of the scenic spot will automatically play out, allowing tourists to acquire the abundant and detailed narration during the tour.


Toucheng owns plenty of historical sites and abundant natural scenery due to the history and geographical location. The Toucheng Bike Tour Guide System is designed with easy-to-learn manipulation environment and no complex buttons so that tourists can quickly get to know how to use it and easily browse the map.

Toucheng Bike Tour Guide System supports GPS navigation to help users explicitly control the direction.

Toucheng Bike Tour Guide System supports GPS navigation; it clearly indicates the way and the distance to the next scenic spot to users so that users can explicitly control the direction. Moreover, the system can detect whether there are any scenic spots within fifty meters neighborhood of the bike according to the bike’s GPS coordinates; if yes, the tour guide system will play the audio voice file to narrate the features of the scenic spot, and the text file and picture will pop up for introduction at once. Or tourists can open the text description and pictures of the scenic spot through query by tapping any one scenic spot’s icon on the map.

Through many kinds of media for tour guide provided by Toucheng Bike Tour Guide System,
tourists can easily understand the beauty of Toucheng.

Different from the tour guide systems providing fixed routes for tourists to follow in order, Toucheng Bike Tour Guide System allows users to skip the scenic spots on the route freely or to head to previous ones so that users can control the tour by themselves freely, that makes the tour much more enjoyable.

In respect of language, Toucheng Bike Tour Guide System supports in two languages, Traditional Chinese and English. Therefore, not only the domestic tourists but also the overseas tourists can enjoy the tour guide services.

The establishment of Toucheng Bike Tour Guide System provides the prompt tour guide information for tourists and reduces the cost of printing a huge amount of tour guide manuals and brochures. Through the use of Toucheng Bike Tour Guide System, tourists could deeply understand the most ancient town in Yilan and experience the glorious times in the past.

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