New Appearance of SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3

Visiting scenic spots, zoos, and historic monuments are popular outdoor leisure activities. However, it might be hard to gain knowledge from the scenery unless tourists have tour guide in their trip. Besides, due to the limit on the number of people and time restriction, the service of professional guides can not fit all tourists’ needs all the time. Although brochures may be able to satisfy all tourists, brochures can not be updated immediately.


SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 brings you a new travel experience.

New SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3

SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 is the latest mobile GIS application designed especially for outdoor tour guide. It supports many kinds of guide, such as text, picture, video, and audio so that tourists can flexibly choose their
preferred guide. In addition, the powerful management application of SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 assists administrators in building or modifying the guide contents easily to effectively improve the usability of guide contents.

Whole new SuperGIS mobile Tour 3 significantly simplifies the buttons of the user interface. More intuitive and simpler manipulation environment allows tourists to enjoy the journey with the tour guidance via only some simple steps.

GPS has been one of the most important equipments for modern people in outdoor leisure activities. SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 can guide the users to the next scenic spot clearly to avoid getting lost. A more friendly GPS navigation function provided by SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 allows tourists who want to skip some spots or go back to the previous spots to adjust the order of scenic spots instead of following the assigned route. Tourists can flexibly arrange their journey. Additionally, safety warning functions will launch warning messages or sounds to remind users when they are away from the route or approaching the dangerous zone.

In addition to changing the user interface, SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 also improves the performances. The Greeking technique built in SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 can effectively simplify the map processing and reduce the burden of the system. The map processing can be more smoothly, and the display quality will be enhanced.

New SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 will bring you a new travel experience.

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