Recreational Agriculture In-Depth Travel Platform


In recent years in Taiwan, the development of tourism has been enhanced by the raised awareness of recreational agriculture travel and the increased number of people who are interested in in-depth travel. Moreover, the maturity of internet technologies also improves the concept of electronic agriculture tourism, and various technological application services are developed as well. Particularly, the application of WebGIS is an example.

This case utilizes the structure and concept of WebGIS to develop a website integrating Taiwan agriculture tourism information, social network services, and personal travel planning, etc. As a result, users can not only collect the information of each scenic spot from this website but also share their travel experiences through a personal blog. Therefore, different from other tourism websites in which users can only get the information, the interactive travel platform allows users to share their ideas and experiences.


The development of Recreational Agriculture In-Depth Travel Platform applies WebGIS as the basic structure to effectively integrate agriculture tour information, social network services, personal tour planning, etc. Consequently, users from different domains can use, take part in, and share the knowledge about local agriculture, ecology, geographic environment, history, culture and the information about accommodation, food, agricultural products, etc.

Recreational Agriculture In-Depth Travel Platform interface

This project applies the internet map server, SuperWebGIS, as the development core of the platform and also uses ASP.NET and JavaScript to develop the system containing data base management and WebGIS—Recreational Agricultural In-Depth Travel Platform.

In the system, end users, who do not need to install any objects of internet browser, can view the texts and photos of scenic spots, search scenic spots by keywords, and even plan their itinerary. Additionally, since some travelers enjoy recording their trip by writing or taking pictures, the platform provides the free space for users to create a blog to share their travel experience with others.


Recreational Agriculture In-Depth Travel Platform mainly displays the information of scenic spots in Taiwan and enables users to query and GIS position. Moreover, the platform also utilizes WebGIS techniques to build up the internet geographic information system and allows multi-users to query and position the online data at the same time.

The platform contains three main functions, the Interactive Electronic Map, Coordinate Recording and Positioning, and Travel Information Sharing.

The Structure of Recreational Agriculture In-Depth Travel Platform

1. Interactive Electronic Map:

Recreational Agriculture In-Depth Travel Platform shows the scenic spots, texts and photos shared by travelers, traveler blog, and market blog on the map. Users can adjust the scale of the map, and the contents of the information will be adjusted by the scale dynamically to provide the best browsing environment. Additionally, you can choose the type of the information by clicking the toolbar above the map to obtain the information more easily.

The map is displayed with texts and photos.
Once the scenic spot is clicked, the map will indicate where the scenic spot is.

2. Coordinate Recording and Positioning:

Recreational Agriculture In-Depth Travel Platform can record the coordinates of all the scenic spots, texts and photos, traveler blog, and market blog in the database. Each record of coordinates can be added by inputting text, clicking on the map, or EXIF analysis of the uploaded photos. Moreover, the platform provides the smart query tool— Scenic Spot Exploration for users to enter the keyword or text string to search scenic spots, landmarks, roads, districts, address, scenic areas, mountains, lakes, public facilities, etc. Therefore, the system can automatically recognize the type of text string you input and use geocoding extension to read the Taiwan doorplate coordinate system to precisely position.

3. Travel Information Sharing:

Recreational Agriculture In-Depth Travel Platform enables users to share their travel experiences with other travelers. The contents, including local agriculture, ecologic knowledge, geographic environment, history, accommodation, food, etc are managed by Metadata categories. Moreover, Recreational Agriculture In-Depth Travel Platform also offers free space for users to create blogs, which can be divided into two categories, Traveler and Tour Market. The former allows travelers to register and to share their travel experiences with others; the latter is for farms, B&B, restaurants, and the related tourism industries or organizations to register to create a channel for tourism promotion and to enhance the development of local tourism.

The blog enables users to record their trip day by day.
It would be convenient for other travelers to plan their
own itinerary and enhance the usability of the website.

Recreational Agriculture In-Depth Travel Platform is not only the website providing in-depth tour information but also offers personal tour blog. Thus, people who are interested in traveling can leave their experiences and provide their personal local scenic spots on the website. Particularly, Zuocang trail is the great route for hiking suggested by a blogger on the platform. Such an interactive tour platform not only provides the detailed description of each scenic spot but also allows users to share the travel experience with more users.

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