Digital Taiwan SuperTour Web System


This system is sponsored by the National Science Council and cooperated by SuperGeo Technologies Inc. and the Department of Geography of National Taiwan University. Geographic Information System skills are mainly used to set up this tour web. The content focuses on national parks, trails for mountain climbing and introductions of natural animals and plants.


The main challenges of this system are not how to set up the system but the displayed contents of the system. The contents are collected by trained students whom do all the surveying, recording, positioning and photographing, so the quality, richness and accuracy of this system are the factors that this system has to pay attention to.

Digial Taiwan SuperTour Web System interface

By the successful setting up of this system, more students not from the Department of Geography of National Taiwan University and other general publics who are interested in travel routes should be attracted to complete standard education training. The contents of the training will include learning GIS directly and having more chances to interact with the nature.


This system uses SuperWebGIS as the main platform and Google maps for additional map data references.


After setting up this system, users can easily browse related travel places by the Internet. There are texts, pictures and video and audio clips in the system to increase its richness and attractiveness. This system can attract users from the traditional tour guidebooks to an online tour web.

There are texts, pictures, videos and audio clips in the system to increase its richness and attractiveness. Landmarks help users to clearly know the positions of scenic spots.
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