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SuperGIS 3D Earth Server 3.2
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SuperGIS 3D Earth Server is a software that allows you to display and share all your GIS data in a 3D view, which is a breakthrough technology in traditional GIS systems. By exploring the data in the virtual globe, it is much easier to see the spatial relationships between different features.

In addition to the fancy visualization of data display, SuperGIS 3D Earth Server also meets the Cloud computing architecture. Developers can publish their GIS data from any SuperGIS Desktop (or SuperGIS Map Designer) as a 3D globe service, and the clients can see the 3D globe from various client-side applications, such as web-browsers (support HTML5 or above), desktop applications, and mobile applications. The figure below illustrates the workflow of SuperGIS 3D Earth Server.

With SuperGIS 3D Earth Server, you can:

Share and display your GIS data in 3D view to enhance data visualization.
Centrally manage a large quantity of spatial data and image to reduce the costs of
  data storage and enhance the security of data.
Integrate seamlessly the geographic information from different GIS servers to be easy-
  to-use and intuitive GIS services.
Extend the GIS technique to various client-side applications, such as web browsers
  to boost the accuracy and usability of field data collection.


SuperGIS 3D Earth Website
Visulize your GIS data in 3D view
Interact with 3D Map in Standalone Application-- SuperGIS 3D Earth


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