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GIS Applications

Natural Resources
Mobile GIS to Assist Soil and Water Conservation
The landform is constantly changing in the world that we live. Every day, various surface processes gradually reshape the terrain in their unique ways, which generally includes mechanical erosion, chemical erosion, and biological weathering. Depending on geological and meteorological conditions in different regions, some processes might be more significant than others. Learn More
Assessing Impacts of Highway Construction by Biodiversity Analyst
Biodiversity Analyst In this fast developing world, biodiversity is an increasingly important concept that can represent the overall condition of the ecosystem in a certain area. An area with high biodiversity indicates that it is the home of various organisms, which is normally located in the transition zone of two ecosystems. And these areas not only should be conserved because of the high value of scientific research but also because Learn More
Sustainable Pasture Management-A Solution in West Australia
Overgrazing by sheep and cattle may lead to serious land degraded problems. In some sensitive ecosystems, like like tropical savannahs or steppes, overgrazing would often cause irreversible desertification. Located in northern West Australia, a 1900 hectares farm near the little town Derby had been overgrazed before the 1970s. Learn More
Solutions for Nature Resource Managements-Conservation Area of Land Crabs
Nowadays, the relationship between human and environment becomes intense. As human’s population is growing, natural resources are running out in our environment. Thus, more and more countries and international non-governmental organizations greatly promote sustainable developments. Learn More
The Platform Mashed up Biodiversity Information and Geographic Information System
Protecting and managing biodiversity effectively can ensure the species’ survivals as well as keep sustainable developments of human beings. To conduct biodiversity conservation practically, encourage and attach significance to sustainable utilization of  biodiversity resources, and fairly, reasonably share the advantage of genetic resources utilization, Learn More
Survey and Mapping of Sabah Al-Ahmad Nature Reserve
Located at the north of Kuwait Bay, “Sabah Al-Ahmad Nature Reserve” is one of the affected sites by the remains of more than 240,000 military fortifications in Kuwait after 20 years since their construction is a high and serious complicated issue.To support the upcoming remediation actions for the damaged areas at . Learn More
Agriculture Cloud Service
Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan makes a scheme for “Agriculture Cloud Service Project” to focus on improvement of agriculture cloud development and builds comprehensive essential data of agriculture in Taiwan through cloud computing technologies. Learn More
Agriculture Field Survey System
To precisely record and manage the relevant information of each farmland, MoA needs a GIS solution of Agriculture Field Survey System integrating with spatial data collection function on mobile devices, editing and analysis function on desktop side, and spatial data management on server side. Learn More
Value-added Application Service of Biodiversity Database — i35
With special geographic environment, Taiwan germinates plentiful species of flora and fauna. However, human population explosion caused more and more precious species to be endangered. In recent years, Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute not only aims for Learn More
Recreation Potential Analysis Model for Natural Recreation Site
In recent years, because the domestic tourism is growing, the local governments begin to develop some of the river areas to be recreation sites. However, the man-made development could probably cause the impact on the original environment to result in recreational quality Learn More
Groundwater Recharge Potential Evaluation Platform
Water resource protection is one of the national policies; groundwater protection, in particular, is the extremely essential task. Since 1991, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan has studied hydrogeology in nine groundwater areas, Hengchuan, and Penghu, in Taiwan and built up groundwater investigation Learn More
Soil Database Query System
Since the pedology was firstly studied in the late 19th century, many countries around the world have paid attention to the collection of soil data. In Taiwan, the soil survey of the whole island was begun in the early 20th century. However, the techniques of soil survey have not Learn More
Biodiversity Geographic Information System
In recent years, the severe global climate change has altered the habitats of plenty of creatures. Therefore, some specific creatures are reduced dramatically every year, which causes great impacts on the ecology balance. As a result, the issue of Learn More
Coastal Ecological Environment Information Investigation System
In 21st century, people started to acknowledge the importance of coexistence between social development and natural environment because the actions of human might cause irrevocable impact to the natural environment. Therefore, it is a key aspect to Learn More
Geographic Information System for Horticultural Crop Wild Relatives
Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (PGRFA) are the motivations to modify the species of crops and also are the basics of sustainable agricultural development. Crop Wild Relatives (CWR) refer to the original species of cultivation crop or the wild species of the relatives with close genes, which are disease-resistant, insect-resistant, resistance to the environmental Learn More
Climate Rainfall Map System
Taiwan is surrounded by oceans and has a subtropical monsoon climate. The average annual rainfall is about 2510 mm which is the main source of water resource in Taiwan. However, the rainfall of distribution of time and space is not distributed equally. Even though the total rainfall is quite abundant, most of it is concentrated in summer and autumn. Consequently, the floods in Learn More
Private Forest Land Management System
Taipei is a basin surrounded by mountains. However, the natural factors, like soft soils of mountainsides, shallow soil, steep slope, the increased typhoons and heavy rain, and over-development cause landslides and some disasters quite often, so people’s lives and properties have Learn More
Quality of Water Body and Pollutant Management System
Yilan county has been a very popular tourist area in Taiwan due to the beautiful landscape with some lakes; the major earth water body includes Lanyan river, Dezikou river, Lotong river, Yilan river, Dongshan river and Xincheng river. However, with the rapid development in transportation in recent Learn More
Taiwan Wildlife Survey Database Query System
With a unique natural geographic environment, there is rich flora and fauna in Taiwan and the abundant species and high density are renowned over the world. Influenced by long geographical isolation, the proportion of endemic species has increased. For example, there are currently around 4200 different vascular plant species Learn More
Wild Creature Data Survey System
In recent years, as the conservation consciousness raises, more and more countries are planning to build up the comprehensive websites and databases to effectively control the distribution of the domestic wild flora and fauna; therefore, the data can be shared by the various related departments for the use of analysis, conservation plan and other Learn More
Agricultural Environment Management Expert System for ARI
The Agriculture Research Institute (ARI) under the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, was established in August 1895. In the past one hundred years, ARI had devoted great efforts to increase the yields and qualities of grains, special crops, fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers and to improve the economic Learn More
Rainfall Analysis System for CWB
Due to recent development of all kinds of economic activities and the increasing living standards, the requirement for meteorology quality is getting higher for every industry. Topics such as homeland security, disaster prevention and relief, and other related issues also Learn More

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