Sep 19, 2017
SuperSurv 10.1 Supports New Raster Formats and Online Maps

As the information technology constantly evolves, the geospatial industry also grows fast....more

Sep 5, 2017
Several Improvements Made in the Latest Version of SuperGIS Desktop 10

Developed by Supergeo, one of the world’s leading brands of GIS software, SuperGIS Desktop...more

Aug 29, 2017
SuperPad Will Support the Popular MBTiles Format in the Next Update

Being one the best-selling mobile GIS software of Supergeo for years, SuperPad is equipped with...more

Aug 22, 2017
SuperGIS 3D Solutions to View Cities from Different Angles

In recent years, with the progress of information technology and hardware, many organizations are...more

Aug 9, 2017
Web Mapper in SuperGIS Server 10- Building Web GIS without Coding

In the last two years, Supergeo product team has dedicated to launching the brand-new SuperGIS 10...more

Aug 2, 2017
Sharing Data with the Support for Cloud Storage in SuperPad 10

After rigorous design and development, and also intensive testing by Supergeo product team, the...more

July 24, 2017
Upgraded Extensions of SuperGIS Desktop Provide More Insights

Before the end of this July, Supergeo will release a new update of SuperGIS Desktop 10 along with...more

July 17, 2017
What's New in the Latest Release of Award-Winning SuperSurv 10

Awarded as Best GIS Technology of Golden Map Award from Taiwan Geographic Information Society,...more

July 6, 2017
Managing Assets from Different Angles- SuperGIS 3D Earth Server

3D visualization is an important breakthrough in how geographic data could be displayed on the...more

Jun 27, 2017
User-defined Coordinate System Will Soon Be Available in SuperSurv 10

Data collection is always a crucial work before making decisions in almost every professional...more

Jun 20, 2017
Embrace GeoJSON Format Together with SuperGIS Desktop

In recent years, as value-added services get increasingly popular in IT industry and civic...more

Jun 6, 2017
SuperPad 10 Heading to the Era of Cloud Tech

After years of research and development, the functionality of SuperPad, the professional mobile...more

Jun 2, 2017
Latest SuperGIS Desktop 10 Release Provides a Smoother Experience

Equipping with versatile GIS tools, the SuperGIS Desktop 10 developed by Supergeo enables its...more

May 22, 2017
New Features of SuperSurv 10 that You Cannot Ignore

The global IT industry is skyrocketing today, and so does the development of geospatial industry,...more

May 17, 2017
Latest SuperSurv 3.3 Offers More than Bug Fixes

Designed for field surveyors, SuperSurv 3.3 is an Android app equipped with various GIS functions...more

May 3, 2017
Supergeo Releases the Latest Update of SuperGIS Desktop 3.3

Developed by one of worldwide leading providers in GIS software- Supergeo, SuperGIS Desktop is a...more

Apr 25, 2017
Enjoying the High-Accuracy Positioning with the Latest SuperPad 10

The first stable version of SuperPad 10 has been released for over one and a half months. In the...more

Apr 17, 2017
What’s New in the Next SuperGIS Spatial Statistical Analyst

For the most phenomena occurred on this planet, they often have certain patterns in geography....more

Apr 3, 2017
Managing Data with Versioning in Upcoming SuperGIS Desktop

As technology advances, the complexity of GIS projects increases unceasingly. Therefore, how to...more

Mar 27, 2017
Towards a More Integrated Web GIS Solution - SuperGIS Server 10

When your company grows bigger as the project scale becomes larger, to organize huge volume of...more 未命名頁面