Know the Location of Vessels with an Online Map


Ships are an important human invention that can carry people to cross lakes, seas, and oceans. In prehistoric times, people like Polynesians already knew how to observe winds and ocean currents and sail over thousands of kilometers to trade and exchange goods regularly. From…


Explore Popular Tourist Spots through GIS and Geotagging Photos


Traveling has been increasingly popular and diverse in Taiwan and more and more scenic spots are explored. Therefore, tourism departments now also pay attention to how to get information of popular tourist spots and routes. Most investigations on tourism are conducted with questionnaires and interviews. However, these surveys might be… 


Chiayi Travel Guide App


To promote business opportunity of local industries, tourism and creative souvenirs in Chiayi, this project develops a website and 2 iOS Apps to provide rich tour information for tourists. Local stores and attractions are integrated with GIS and AR and displayed on the map on website and Apps…


Yehliu Tour System (Android & iOS)


The use of smart devices has grown more and more pervasive in years so Yehliu Geopark is planning to offer a new version of Yehliu Tour System which supports Android and iOS to enhance the interaction between tourists and tour system. Users can download from Google Play or App Store tourists and install the tour system on their mobile devices,…


Yilan Travel Guide App


Yilan County, situated on Lan-Yang plain, leans on the Central Range and Pacific Ocean. The weather in Yilan is rainy and humid; therefore, the fertile alluvial plain here breeds diverse superior agricultural products and plentiful landscapes. In addition, with the convenient transportation between…


The Seediq Tribe Tourism Guide System


The Seediq is one of the Taiwanese aboriginal races. During Japanese Colonial Era in Taiwan, the Seediq suffered from long-term military crackdown and then started to resist the rule of Japanese with violence. The movie, “Seediq Bale”, describes this historical event and brought…


Yehliu Geopark Navigation System (Android Version)


Yehliu Geopark, the famous geological attraction in North-eastern Taiwan, owns the unique seashore landscape that attracts millions of tourists to visit the park every year. To improve the navigation quality, Yehliu Geopark provides an electronic navigation system that enables users to travel with multi-media, like text, audio, pictures, etc. The navigation system…


Yilan Recreation and Living Web


In recent years, the increasing number of tourists who prefer in-depth tour has affected the development of the tourism industry in Taiwan. In addition, in the modern society, the Internet has become the indispensable role in daily life, and people get used to use the Internet…


Toucheng Bike Tour Guide System


Located in the northest of Yilan county, Toucheng was the first town established by Ching Dynasty in Yilan, and it was the most crucial economic center of Lanyan plain. Nowadays, numerous historical remains that had experienced the glorious times of Toucheng in the past are still… 


Yehliu Geopark Navigation System


Yehliu Geopark, one of the famous attractions in northern Taiwan, has the rare seashore landscape and abundant flora, fauna, and marine life. Millions of domestic and foreign tourists are attracted to visit the part every year. In order to help the tourists understand the scenic spot more, the park not only improves the quality of software and hardware in the…


Recreational Agriculture In-Depth Travel Platform


In recent years in Taiwan, the development of tourism has been enhanced by the raised awareness of recreational agriculture travel and the increased number of people who are interested in in-depth travel. Moreover, the maturity of internet technologies also improves the concept of electronic agriculture tourism, and various technological application…


Digital Taiwan SuperTour Web System


This system is sponsored by the National Science Council and cooperated by SuperGeo Technologies Inc. and the Department of Geography of National Taiwan University. Geographic Information System skills are mainly used to set up this tour web. The content…

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