Creating Risk Maps with SuperGIS Custom Tool


Due to the rapid advancement of chemical research and engineering in modern times, people are using more and more new chemical compounds in our daily lives. In the manufacturing process of producing high-tech products like semiconductors or fire-retardant materials, it is inevitable to use to toxic substances or highly hazardous chemicals. For the government, to protect citizens from related incidents …


Create the Map for Earthquake Preparedness


Earthquake, one of the most devastating natural powers on earth. The Valdivia earthquake is the most significant earthquake ever measured, occurred in 1960, Chile, which the energy released is over 10 million atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima. Strong earthquakes might often cause other related natural hazards, such as landslides,…


Incident Command System of Fire Bureau


To improve disaster rescue efficiency of fire brigade and enhance integration of disaster rescue information of districts, Taipei City Fire Department needs a system which can provide commanders and Emergency Dispatch Center with required information and conduct rescue command tasks such as preparation of disaster…


GIS-Based Campus Emergency System


Earthquakes and natural disasters have frequently occurred in recent years. To minimize disastrous damage resulted from sudden disasters, schools at all levels in Taiwan are supposed to improve the efficiency of campus hazard prevention and emergency response and enhance simulation drills of earthquakes…


Geographic Information System for Disaster Evacuation and Rescue


In recent years, climate change has increased the frequency and range of mass disasters all around the world. According to the related research, disaster prevention and management is very important in reducing diverse natural disasters. Typhoons and rainstorms occur often and cause disasters a lot in Taiwan, which is situated in…


Disaster Prevention Area Planning


Earthquakes with high magnitude occur often in Taiwan, situated in Circum-Pacific seismic zone. Thus, urban planning system and disaster prevention planning are more important than any other issues in Taiwan. And the distance from residence to the shelters is the main factor to influence plan making of… 

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