The Backbone of Real-time Environmental Apps in Taiwan


Due to the advancement of cloud computing and cloud storage tech in recent years, sharing and streaming massive data in real-time is not a dream but a reachable goal now. Therefore, many countries are developing web platforms that can supply insensitive monitoring data to citizens for building creative applications. Among all kinds of data collected by the government, the data of transportation and …


GIS-Powered Thai Dishes – Fertilize Crops by SuperGIS Irrigation Solution


Tom Yum Goong (spicy shrimp soup), spicy green papaya salad, and Pad Thai (Thai fried noodles), all these signature Thai foods have successfully conquered billions of peoples’ stomachs. Thanks to dynamic farmers, fertile lands, rich species, and fantastic food culture, we can have a good Thai meal almost everywhere around the world today. In the near future, we also need …


Mobile GIS to Assist Soil and Water Conservation


The landform is constantly changing in the world that we live. Every day, various surface processes gradually reshape the terrain in their unique ways, which generally includes mechanical erosion, chemical erosion, and biological weathering. Depending on geological and meteorological conditions in different regions, some processes might be more significant than others …


Assessing Impacts of Highway Construction by Biodiversity Analyst


In this fast developing world, biodiversity is an increasingly important concept that can represent the overall condition of the ecosystem in a certain area. An area with high biodiversity indicates that it is the home of various organisms, which is normally located in the transition zone of two ecosystems. And these areas not only should be conserved because of the high value of scientific research but also because …


Sustainable Pasture Management-A Solution in West Australia


Overgrazing by sheep and cattle may lead to serious land degraded problems. In some sensitive ecosystems, like like tropical savannahs or steppes, overgrazing would often cause irreversible desertification. Located in northern West Australia, a 1900 hectares farm near the little town Derby had been overgrazed before the 1970s…


Solutions for Nature Resource Managements-Conservation Area of Land Crabs


Nowadays, the relationship between human and environment becomes intense. As human’s population is growing, natural resources are running out in our environment. Thus, more and more countries and international non-governmental organizations greatly promote sustainable developments…


The Platform Mashed up Biodiversity Information and Geographic Information System


Protecting and managing biodiversity effectively can ensure the species’ survivals as well as keep sustainable developments of human beings. To conduct biodiversity conservation practically, encourage and attach significance to sustainable utilization of biodiversity resources, and fairly, reasonably share the advantage of genetic resources utilization, …


Survey and Mapping of Sabah Al-Ahmad Nature Reserve


Located at the north of Kuwait Bay, “Sabah Al-Ahmad Nature Reserve” is one of the affected sites by the remains of more than 240,000 military fortifications in Kuwait after 20 years since their construction is a high and serious complicated issue.To support the upcoming remediation actions for the damaged areas at…


Agriculture Cloud Service


Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan makes a scheme for “Agriculture Cloud Service Project” to focus on improvement of agriculture cloud development and builds comprehensive essential data of agriculture in Taiwan through cloud computing technologies…


Agriculture Field Survey System


To precisely record and manage the relevant information of each farmland, MoA needs a GIS solution of Agriculture Field Survey System integrating with spatial data collection function on mobile devices, editing and analysis function on desktop side, and spatial data management on server side… 


Value-added Application Service of Biodiversity Database — i35


With special geographic environment, Taiwan germinates plentiful species of flora and fauna. However, human population explosion caused more and more precious species to be endangered. In recent years, Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute not only aims for…

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