Building a SuperGIS Facility Inspection Solution


The modern civilization is supported by infinite unseen or often underrated public utilities including electrical grids, water supply and sewerage channels, gas pipelines, etc. In Taiwan, 2017, one of the largest petrochemical groups initiated a project aiming to manage its numerous gas pipelines and field inspectors with advanced geospatial technologies….


Building a Gas Network Online Platform with SuperGIS Server


In modern countries, water, electricity, and fuels are vital for day-to-day lives of every citizen. Without public utility, we can hardly work, move, or even cook some foods to feed the family. We can say that modern civilization will collapse in few days if these companies stop their services….


Fully Control Underground Utilities with SuperGIS


Beneath where we stand, numerous utilities are deeply buried under the surface of a modern city, including water pipes, electric power wires, and gas networks. And they are probably much longer and more important than you think. As one of the largest and most populated cities in the world, Tokyo City has a total length of water pipes over 27,500 kilometers long…


e-Map Application for Easy Access to Road Data and Images


Fujairah Public Works & Agriculture Department is an authority for managing construction and maintenance of all types of roads and Public works information in the Emirates of Fujairah. They employ AutoCAD files as the basic file format to store and manage information about all roads in Fujairah….


Moalajah e-Map Application


Moalajah is a joint venture between Veolia Water and Besix. As their subsidiary, Moalajah FZC LLC is responsible for operation and maintenance of waste water services and facilitates customer billing and consolidation. The waste water can be used for irrigation…


Engeluz SGIP-Mobile


Engeluz, an electrical engineering company in Brazil, mainly provides local governments with the services and solutions to help maintain and preserve the government properties. Moreover, Engeluz develops the Public Lighting Management Plan, and a mobile GIS system with GPS…


GIS Management Platform for Enterprise Management


In order to effectively manage and integrate various types of data, Asia Pacific Telecom utilizes SuperGIS Server 3 to establish a single service platform which allows the staff to access, use, and manage the spatial data.Developed with the latest GIS software for the customized application development, the platform also provides…

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