Monday, May 24, 2010
The Interoperability of Spatial Databases and SuperGIS Desktop 3 Enhanced

SuperGIS Desktop 3 is the geographic information system software containing the complete GIS tools and is the flagship desktop GIS of SuperGIS 3 series products. The software provides GIS related users with a complete and powerful GIS environment to add, edit, manage, analyze, and process the GIS tasks.

In recent years, since the GIS users’ need for spatial databases has increased, SuperGIS Desktop 3 significantly improves the support of spatial databases. SuperGIS Desktop 3 supports many kinds of geodatabases, such as Access MDB, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle Spatial. SuperGIS Desktop 3 enables users to create a new layer in Access MDB, and the complete feature editing functions also support users to edit vector layers in Access MDB with various tools provided by SuperGIS Desktop 3. Moreover, SuperGIS Desktop 3 supports to import more layer formats to Access MDB, like GML, MIF, etc. so that users will have more flexibility of managing layers to improve the working efficiency.
As to Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Spatial, SuperGIS Desktop 3 supports to read the layers from Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Spatial and greatly improves the settings of reading layers. Furthermore, to improve the settings of feature symbol display, users are allowed to effectively adjust the feature symbols to satisfy the needs in different fields.