Wednesday, Mar 23, 2011
SuperGeo Partners with Helix S.r.l. Exclusively in Italy

SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, officially announced its exclusive partner in Italy, where Helix S.r.l. is authorized to distribute SuperGIS series software.

Helix S.r.l. is located in Macerata at the northeast of Italy. With its founders merging their expertise in Geographic Information System (GIS), territory management and geology, Helix S.r.l. has been offering services including geographic information and workflow management since the establishment in 1995. The firm has cooperated with many enterprises related to water, gas,etc. and academic institutes, targeting companies of public management and engineering as the main clients.

Procuring SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3, Helix S.r.l. has successfully developed the Helix Mobile Mapping System (HMMs), a basic software platform for the needs of civil protection and Mapping & GIS devoted to handheld devices, and started promoting SuperGIS products in European regions. Helix S.r.l. considers the reasonably-priced and powerful SuperGIS software to be the edge in expanding its service range, improving the ease of customization and elevating the efficiency of product development.

Accordingly, Helix S.r.l. hopes to work with SuperGeo to provide customers with complete and highly-efficient services. Today, SuperGeo Technologies officially granted the exclusive partnership to Helix S.r.l., who will distribute SuperGIS series products in Italy. Based on the exclusive distribution right in Italy and its multiple sales channels, Helix S.r.l. will do its utmost to promote SuperGIS series products.

The collaboration with Helix S.r.l. enables SuperGeo Technologies to better serve local users with the Italian version of SuperGIS products and further extends its products and services to Europe. In the future, SuperGeo Technologies will continue developing the functions in supporting multi-languages of SuperGIS products, and endeavor to enlarge its business scope in the global market.

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