SuperGIS Server

SuperGIS Server, GIS analysis in anytime and anywhere

Before installing the SuperGIS Server software, users are required to set the corresponding network environement. To help you install and use, Supergeo will provide you with relavent guidences. Please contact us and we will provide you with trail sofware and necessary assitance as soon as possible


SuperGIS Server is an enterprise-level geographic information system developed for different organizations to manage, integrate and share documents. By using this product, you will be able to publish large amounts of vector and grid spatial data on the internet, as well as publish various data processing procedures, such as buffer analysis and surface elevation profile etc, which allow you and your team to obtain more information and improve the quality of decision making.

SuperGIS 3D Earth Surface is a server product recently launched by Supergeo, its powerful functions enable you to create a 3D network GIS environment, allowing people to have an operating experience closer to the real scene when browsing.


Share data more effectively

SuperGIS Toolkit has variety of tools that allow you to easily connect different functions and create batch processing automation procedures. These customized processes can be publised on the websites by SuperGIS Server, which enables everyone to access.

Safely secure you data

SuperGIS Server supports administrator to store the published data on the server or add it into the geodatabase. In addition, you can set that only the permission owners can use data to enhance data security and control. Serveral mainstram databases are supported, including MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle Spatial and PostgreSQL.

Support multiple client applications

SuperGIS server supports a variety of different front-end utilization methods, so that different types of users can fully enjoy the strong power, including most desktop GIS softwares, mobile GIS applications and web browsers, etc. At the same time, a variety of customized tools are provided to allow you to further complete advanced spatial data visualization and analysis functions.

Highly expandable deployment mechanism

From large enterprises to small organizations, you can deploy SuperGIS Server based on your needs. According to our stress test report, with proper configuration, this enterprise-level GIS software can provide you with continuous, stable and reliable network services, and has therfore been adopted by many governments worldwide

Develop your own GIS application

Supergeo has developed a wealth of APIs and SDKs for SuperGIS Server, including: JavaScript, Flex and Silverlight APIs, and Android and iOS SDKs to help you create the web applications you want. At the same time, we provide online courses, sample code and interactive platforms to help engineers better complete the program development tasks.


In this increasingly open world, governments of all countries have released a lot of resources on the Internet for people to use, including map services, spatial data, and even code/function libraries. With the help of SuperGIS Server, you can integrate these valuable resources into the project and improve efficiency to your results

Operating System

  • Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2 (32/64 bit)
  • Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016


  • 4 GB recommended or higher

CPU Speed

  • 4 GB recommended or higher

Software Requirements

  • IIS 6.0 or higher
  • .NET Framework 3.5 or higher

SuperGIS Server Documentation

Online courses

Course 1

Manage SuperGIS Server

Want to publish GIS data on the web? Here is the training course you need. With SuperGIS Server, you can put all the spatial data on the web, and consume the map service via desktop applications, mobile device, and website.

Manage SuperGIS Server

Danny Wang - 57:01
View Course

Course 2

Edit Data Online

This course shows you how to publish GIS data, set up and edit services then run the edited task from desktop, mobile and web applications.

Edit Data Online

Danny Wang - 43:33
View Course

Course 3

Map Sheet Production with SuperGIS Desktop

We show you how to produce a meaningful map with changeable map title, page number and extent. Setting up the map extent, title and page number with Feature Guided Page add-on...

Map Sheet Production with SuperGIS Desktop

Chris Chen - 23:53
View Course

Course 4

Utilize JavaScript API with SuperGIS Server

This is an advanced course for developers who want to customize the SuperGIS Server website with JavaScript APIs. It describes how to utilize the resources on SGDN, and make customized background map, tools and template, etc.

Utilize JavaScript API with SuperGIS Server

Ava Lai - 01:04:21
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Pricing Info for SuperGIS Server

Supergeo does not publish pricing information for SuperGIS Server online. Please contact Supergeo Reseller that serves you for detailed pricing information and the most suitable licensing option.

If there isn’t any distributor in your country or region, please mail us directly at

Software Maintenance

SuperGIS Toolkit has variety of tools that allow you to easily connect different functions and create batch processing automation procedures. These customized processes can be publised on the websites by SuperGIS Server, which enables everyone to access.