Collecting local informational and macking smarter decisions with GIS.


Collecting local information with GIS will help a company reduce the cost, maximize the profit and make smarter decisions.
GIS helps academia to find original topics and explore more possibilities.


With the powerful displaying ability of GIS, people are inspired to think geographically and to explore the world deeply.
Managing and observing the nature with environmental perception.

Natural Resources

With the help of GIS, one can manage the distribution, growth, and production of resources in an efficient and sustainable way.
Using diffrtrnt kinds of data to creature innovative and well-designed maps.

Mapping and Charting

Use GIS data to create innovative and well-designed maps for idea sharing.
Using advance geospatial to build powerful systems.

Geospatial Intelligence

Collecting geospatial data from satellite images and applying them to build management systems.
Departments release geospatial data and develop applications to benefit citizens.


We assist any departments related to geospatial data production in making good use of GIS to benefit citizens.

Health Services

GIS allows public health agencies to monitor a flu epidemic. Citizens also can use it to search for nearby medical resources.
Using different kinds of data to creature innovative and well-designed maps.

Public Safety

GIS enables administrators to find the regions vulnerable to natural disasters and take precautionary measures to reduce the loss.
Guiding and experiencing places with more geospatial insights.


GIS help visitors understand the spatial pattern of a place easily. They would be less likely to get lost and have a better traveling experience.
Planners use GIS to find the hotspots of traffic jam and design a butter blueprint.


Planners use GIS to find the hotspots of traffic jam and address better traffic mitigation measures.
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