UNAM, Argentina Has Applied SuperGIS Desktop 10 to Elevate the Education about Geospatial Knowledge

Supergeo’s SuperGIS Desktop 10 is one of the most powerful desktop GIS in the market. Recently, it has earned recognition from UNAM’s General Secretariat of Science and Technology in Argentina. The academic institute will use SuperGIS Desktop 10 to promote students’ learning and its research about Geospatial Knowledge.

Supergeo has dedicated to developing a series of SuperGIS software for more than ten years. Now, its products are readily receiving recognition from a lot of enterprises, companies, and governments around the world. Besides, SuperGIS products are also well-known in the academic field. Lately, we are pleased to announce the good news that the General Secretariat of Science and Technology of National University of Misiones (UNAM), Argentina has adopted our SuperGIS Desktop 10 and its extension—Network Analyst in their research about transportation and route planning. The province of Misiones is one of the 23 provinces of Argentina, located in the northeastern corner of the country. UNAM is a famous college in Misiones situated near Posadas, the capital city of the province.

In recent years, as technologies advance rapidly, it’s quite common to see applications of spatial science and geographical information system (GIS) in geography courses in colleges. There are many reasons to explain this trend: Firstly, GIS has proved to be extremely useful in helping students learn knowledge of natural geography, human geography, as well as spatial science in related fields. It is also one of the most efficient tools to solve the complicated spatial problems in the real world. Following this trend, the General Secretariat of Science and Technology of UNAM picks SuperGIS Desktop 10 for promoting the research about geographic information on campus, which is indeed a wise choice! SuperGIS Desktop 10 is fully functional GIS software, which not only supports various features from basic to advanced ones, including data analysis and cartography, but is also capable of combining with many extensions, such as spatial analyst, network analyst, spatial statistical analyst, topology analyst, and 3D analyst (which is popular in these days) to broaden its scope of solutions.

In a nutshell, every step and improvement made by Supergeo is all for our customers. We spare no effort to make it easier for users to analyze the data they have, making these data more valuable by producing maps and extracting useful information from them. Supergeo clings to the promotion of geospatial technology as we hope this will inspire people’s spatial thinking and help them settle issues in their daily lives. Supergeo also believes that the desktop GIS should not be limited to large administrations and firms. Instead, it should also be available and affordable for individuals and small enterprises. Therefore, Supergeo provides diverse software solutions with reasonable prices. Please feel free to contact us if you’re interested. Let’s make use of GIS together to make our world a better place!


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