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Supergeo Profile
Super Wang, Supergeo Technologies Inc. CEO

The latest interview with Super Wang on GIM International

Super Wang, the CEO of Supergeo, founded Supergeo Technologies Inc. (Supergeo) in 2001 with a prospect that GIS technology could assist people in solving spatial issues in each domain to make a better world. Wang’s focus is to enhance the Supergeo's presence globally and create cutting-edge GIS technology used in every industry.

Wang, graduating from Geography Department at the most prestigious institution of higher education in Taiwan, National Taiwan University, has almost 20 years of experiences in the GIS field. Since 2001, Wang started to lead Supergeo's RD team to develop complete GIS solutions. Under his leadership, Supergeo, which had 20 employees, evolved into an organization having over 100 employees and became the top 1 GIS software company in Taiwan. Now, Supergeo has been recognized as a leading global provider of GIS software and still generates solid earning growth. Moreover, Supergeo's global market is growing gradually; in March 2010, Supergeo set up the first overseas branch in Malaysia.


In the future, Wang will keep on leading Supergeo to provide customers around the world with the best GIS software and comprehensive services as well as making Supergeo towards one of top 3 global GIS brands. Let Supergeo continue to serve as the blueprint for making GIS customers' dreams a reality in decades to come.

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Global Banking & Financial Review (Nov, 2013)
Geospatial Today (Jun, 2011)
Sensors & Systems (Jul, 2010)
Geospatial World (Jan, 2010)
GIM International (Oct, 2009)

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