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SuperGIS Server 3.0

SuperGIS Server 3 is the comprehensive and integrated Enterprise GIS software. With out-of-the-box, centrally managed and rich standards-based features in SuperGIS Server, it allows enterprises to integrate various GIS data and services, such as visualization application, spatial analysis or so to the server for distribution so that end users can attain and manipulate theGIS services provided by the very server via connecting to the server host that has already installed SuperGIS Server with desktop software, mobile device application or browser. As a result, SuperGIS Server fulfills the achievements of expanding the use of GIS capabilities within enterprises, prevents the end users from installing specific software, and reduces the time spent in giving training to its users.

Furthermore, in order to respond to the professional softwares trend towards componentizing core functions in GIS or other domains, SuperGIS Server, positioned as the professional enterprise class product, would allow Service-Oriented-Architecture enterprises to create a high-stable, dependable and excellent-performed SOA architecture with the full-functioned GIS operation engine, which is designed with SuperGIS Engine as its core. Also, the enterprise users can utilize the SDK to attain the SuperGIS Engine core components quickly and easily, developing more required services.

The software architecture of SuperGIS Server can be divided into three parts as below:

1. Server Site
  Server Platform
    In order to offer the foundation to create GIS Applications or Web Services, users can deploy multiple server execution environments in the server side.
  Server Manager
    Managers can control and adjust performance in management with it, which also allows system managers to control and monitor the operation of these Servers.
2. Developer Site
  Application Developer Environment(ADE)
    It provides application or web developers to do the development with service components, which are developed by SuperGIS Server; the service components are operated with SuperGIS Engine as the core.
3. End Side
  Web browser
    SuperGIS Server can be applied in the development of web-based GIS Web AP.
  SuperGIS Mobile Engine
    SuperGIS Mobile Engine is a set of SDK constructed on .NET Compact Framework, which can rapidly build up the Mobile GIS applications installed to mobile devices supporting .NET CF. And developers can use the components in SuperGIS Mobile Engine to enable Mobile GIS applications to connect to SuperGIS Server.
  SuperGIS Desktop
    SuperGIS Desktop is the desktop end side of SuperGIS Server. End users can connect to the server side by using SueprGIS Desktop so that end users can use and manipulate the data and service provided by SuperGIS Server. Moreover, the server side users can also produce the map documents as 2D map service contents and spatial geoprocessing workflow with SuperGIS Desktop. Then, the server side users can deliver these map documents to SuperGIS Server in all types of GIS service by using SuperGIS Server tool provided by SuperGIS Desktop software.
Main Features
GIS Services Management
SuperGIS Server provides manager with GIS service distribution function and allows to increase, delete, and modify the existing GIS services. Both Advanced and Standard versions of SuperGIS Server support the GIS services management.
SuperGIS Server supports files to display in dynamic or static 2D mode on web or SuperGIS Desktop; users can build the application through abundant wizard interfaces and set the map services desired to display. As to the 3D display mode, only the data, offered by SuperGIS Image Server, can be displayed on SuperGIS Globe. Both Advanced and Standard versions of SuperGIS Server support visualization function.
Attribute query
End users can query the attribute of raster and image layers with SueprGIS Server. Both Advanced and Standard versions of SuperGIS Server support such attribute query function.

SuperGIS Server provides extra extensions, enabling users to make system or the application with much advanced functions, and the Advanced version will support these extensions. The extensions include:

  It provides users to rapidly store volume image data in the form of file. Owing to the data access and process are highly optimized, the image files can be accessed by cache without reloading, which greatly shortens the display time to end users and enlarges the value of image. In addition, this extension enables SuperGIS Globe to display 3D dynamic image and improves the analyzing efficiency on spatial data.
Spatial Statistical
  It uses the SuperGIS Desktop produced statistical layers and distributes the contents by web services, giving a powerful tool for users from different fields like environment, agriculture or hydrology while doing data analysis and research.
  Network analyst extension provides many network-based spatial analyses, such as Shortest Path, Superior Route Planning, Vehicle Routing Problem, Service Area, and will deliver data in the form of graphic and attribute, so the end users will obtain the required network information through web or SuperGIS Desktop.
  It is an extension for spatial data processing use. With this extension developers could create the analyzable and able-to-do-statistic raster or vector files, and it provides various kinds of analyzing chart so that end users could do the spatial analysis at different angle and get the needed geographic spatial data rapidly.

SuperGIS Server has two versions as below.

  SuperGIS Server Standard offers the organization or unit who wants to deliver geographic information in map service form to GIS users with centrally-managed and server-based GIS solution. It provides functions as GIS services management, visualization and attribute query.
  SuperGIS Server Advanced offers the organization or unit who wants to deliver geographic information in map service form to GIS users with centrally managed and server-based GIS solution. It provides functions as GIS services management, visualization, attribute query and the extra extensions.
Download the specification [PDF]

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