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SuperGIS Mobile Tour (for Android)
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Key Features

SuperGIS Mobile Tour is designed for high flexible customization. It provides the comprehensive and easy-to-use SuperGIS Mobile Tour Manager. With Android platform, users can freely and intuitively manipulate SuperGIS Mobile Tour.

Display with Integrated Tour Information
It can display the list of scenic spots and provide the introduction with multimedia, such as picture, text, audio, and video, etc.
With AR (Augmented Reality), you can adjust the direction of the scenic spot slightly.
It supports to select the project file, switch the tour, and navigate the pre-generate map (cached map) and the web map, etc.
It allows to decide whether to turn on the GPS tracking function, whether to display the danger area, and whether to record GPS signal.
Intuitive Manipulation and Warning Function
It supports to query the tour information by tapping.
It supports to display real-time GPS position, accuracy range, and visual angle by receiving GPS and e-compass signals.
It can rapidly switch the tour information, set the tour destination, and simultaneously shows the distance between your GPS position and the destination.
The warning message will pop up when you approach the scenic spot, danger area, or offset the route, etc.
Customization Tools
SuperGIS Mobile Tour Manager supports to set multiple project files, maps, scenic spots, and tour data, etc.
It supports to set several local machine maps and web maps.
You can define the category and icon for your scenic spot. Also you can set the introduction with text, audio, picture, and video, etc.
You can set the danger area and the route.
It supports the users to define the tour list, danger area, and route.
With SuperGIS Desktop series products, you can build up the project file more easily and rapidly.



Friendly User Interface
Multiple Kinds of Media
Powerful Management Application


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