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SuperGIS Mobile Tour (for Android)
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Common Questions


What is SuperGIS Mobile Tour?
  SuperGIS Mobile Tour is the mobile GIS application designed for outdoor mobile tour guide. It can be applied in national parks, scenic spot area, and historic spots, etc. Users can design the content of tour, such as scenic spot and flora and fauna information through SuperGIS Mobile Tour Manager to meet different needs. With SuperGIS Mobile Tour, users can completely enjoy the highly-customized guide with ease.
How to get the license to activate SuperGIS Mobile Tour?
  Please navigate to Start > Programs (or All Programs) > SuperGeo>License Verifier. After opening License Verifier, please choose the product desired to obtain a license and then click Single License. For Single License, you only need to connect to the Internet while it is the first time to obtain a license. If you need to get Deployment License on the mobile device, you have to input the serial number after SuperGIS Mobile Tour is installed. What should be noted is that you need to keep your mobile device connected with the Internet while getting the license.
How to deploy the custom tour information on the mobile device?
  SuperGIS Mobile Tour supports to read multiple project files (*.smt). You can connect your mobile device with personal computer by SD card or USB, and then transfer the customized project file from personal computer to the folder named SuperGIS Mobile Tour on your mobile device.



Data Management

How to get the map service on SuperGIS Mobile Tour?
  SuperGIS Mobile Tour supports to read the web map and pre-generate map (cached map). You can click “menu” > ”map” to display it on the mobile device (Android).
How to display the custom map on SuperGIS Mobile Tour?
  You can create your personal map on SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 and save pre-generate map (including *.sgt, *.Content, and *.Index files) to the folder named “SuperGIS Mobile Tour” on the mobile device. You can click “menu” > “map” to choose the map service you need.
Can I change the icon of scenic spot on SuperGIS Mobile Tour?
  Yes, you can replace the icon with your personal one. Please refer to SuperGIS Mobile Tour manual Chapter 3.2.
What data formats does SuperGIS Mobile Tour support?
  SuperGIS Mobile Tour Manager supports the SHP and GEO files for imported data; the KML files for GPS tracking data; the TXT, GIF, MP3, MP4, and 3GP files for multimedia data. Whether MP4 and 3GP files can be correctly played depends on mobile device specification.




Why can’t the real-time GPS position be matched to my position?
  The real-time GPS position (the human-figure icon) gets the signal from satellite or internet (AGPS). The accuracy of GPS position depends on the density of received signal, so the position will be a little different sometimes.
Is there any restriction for coordinate system on SuperGIS Mobile Tour?
  SuperGIS Mobile Tour supports WGS84 coordinate system. You have to ensure that the created data can be displayed in WGS84 system while creating the scenic spot information and pre-generate map (cached map).
Does SuperGIS Mobile Tour support multi-language?
  SuperGIS Mobile Tour Manager presently supports English and Traditional Chinese only. SuperGIS Mobile Tour on the mobile device supports Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean, etc.




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