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SuperGIS Desktop
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SuperGIS Desktop Extensions

SuperGIS Desktop has many optional SuperGIS Desktop extensions and no-cost add-ons, enabling you to extend more capabilities and power of SuperGIS Desktop. These specialized tools allow you to perform extended tasks, such as 3D analysis, network calculation and so on.

SuperGIS Desktop Extensions

Extensions Description
SuperGIS 3D Analyst Provide a set of 3D visualization and surface analytic methods.
SuperGIS Network Analyst Perform network analysis to obtain suggestions of the most superior routes or the best locations
SuperGIS Spatial Analyst Analyze spatial data in different perspectives and methods to quickly obtain the required geospatial information.

SuperGIS Spatial Statistical Analyst

Perform geostatistical analysis to get better understandings about the variance and relativity of spatial data.
SuperGIS Biodiversity Analyst Use advanced analysis tools to represent and analyze the diversity and distribution of species.
SuperGIS Topology Analyst Understand the spatial relationships between the locations and features in space.

No-cost Add-ons

No-Cost Add-ons  
OGC Client It enables users to read and overlay files conforming to OGC international standards, such as WMS, WFS and GML.
GPS It allows users to use GPS functions on desktop platform connected with a GPS receiver. Users can quickly show the current GPS position and record the GPS tracklog files.
Feature Guided Pages Users are able to output map layout of a single map project file according to the specified layer. The tool views each feature as a single map page and is especially useful when publishing thematic maps.
Cache Generator Cache Generator can create cached map in STC format and provide the generated cached map for usage on SuperGIS Server 3.1a or other SuperGIS applications.
Online Map Tool Users are allowed to utilize OpenStreetMap as basemap to overlay existing vector and raster layers in SuperGIS Desktop 3.2. Types of OpenStreetMap are available for users to use.
SuperGIS Server Desktop Client It enables users to download the services published from SuperGIS Server for advanced applications.
  *.The functions of Geodatabase Client are replaced with Add Data window and SuperGIS DataManager.
SuperGIS 3D Analyst
SuperGIS Spatial Analyst
SuperGIS Spatial Statistical Analyst
OGC Client


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