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SuperGIS Desktop
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Success Stories

Success stories illustrate how SuperGIS Desktop is used to help enterprises and organizations to analyze geographic data, build process models and make better decisions.
e-Map Application for Easy Access to Road Data and Images
Fujairah Public Works & Agriculture Department, UAE
Users apply SuperIGS Desktop to edit feature layers and prepare spatial data for SuperGIS Server to publish services.
Location Analysis of Funerary Facilities
National Pingtung Senior High School, Taiwan
SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a Professional, SuperGIS Network Analyst are employed to find the best location of establishing crematorium.
Agriculture Field Survey System

Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesia
SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a integrates types of spatial data and save files as projects for SuperGIS Server 3.1a to publish map services.

SMAP Digital Map Management System
SMAP Technologies Inc., Taiwan
Cartographers download the data from SuperGIS Server to SuperGIS Desktop and directly digitize or modify the maps.
Emergency Response Digital Map Platform
Taiwan Power Company and the Atomic Energy Council, Taiwan
SuperGIS Desktop is utilized to update and display data, like village census, the location of nuclear plants, the location of hospitals, etc.
Taiwan Power Company and the Atomic Energy Council uses GIS to find out gathering points and evacuation routes.


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