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SuperGIS Desktop
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Key Features

SuperGIS Desktop is a powerful desktop GIS software that gives you powerful GIS capabilities to edit, manage, visualize and analyze geographic data. As a result, you can display your results on progessional-quality maps.

Flexible Map Editing
SuperGIS Desktop 3 not only provides various editing tools to edit maps for different purposes but also makes the map easier to read and convey information more precisely through the settings of the symbols, text labels and graphic elements. Also, SuperGIS Desktop provides Symbol Selector allowing users to design their own symbols to have the map display more abundantly.
Perfect Map Quality
SuperGIS Desktop 3 has brand new chart tools, more powerful legend settings, more map templates as well as numerous compass styles. Therefore, users have more options to author maps and enrich the map contents. Meanwhile, users can create charts with the map to illustrate the geographic data and make your maps more professional, perfect, abundant and higher quality.
Easy to Customize a GIS Platform
SuperGIS Desktop 3 provides customization functions to let you create and adjust various GIS tools, enabling users to customize appropriate functions. Besides, the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) tool can help you to develop advanced functions so that you can own an exclusive GIS platform.
Tighter Integration of Databases and OGC Standards
SuperGIS Desktop 3 supports various types of spatial databases, such as Personal Geodatabase (mdb), SQL Server, Oracle Spatial, and PostgreSQL.Thus, users are able to share, edit and read spatial data with the spatial databases with ease. Moreover, SuperGIS Desktop allows multiple users to read and edit the files online so that the availability of the data can be greatly improved. In addition, the support of OGC standards, such as WMS, WCS, WFS, WMTS, provides a platform to perfectly display web map services.
Various Types of Data Supported
Types of vector and raster data are supported in SuperGIS Desktop. Users can overlay layers in different formats to complete diverse tasks, like display, analysis, querying, etc. Besides, to flexibly apply the spatial data, SuperGIS Desktop provides conversion tool—SuperGIS DataConvertor to help convert the common formats to Supergeo format, vice versa.
Advanced Data Processing Functions

More than 100 analysis tools provided in SuperGIS Toolkit allow you to apply Process Designer to define the analysis functions and workflow to perform batch processing with vector and raster data. Moreover, the designed geoprocessing workflow can be published by SuperGIS Server 3.1a to client side to enhance the availability of spatial data and GIS functions.

Built-in Global Coordinate Systems
More than 50 projections and hundreds of datums are built in SuperGIS Desktop that enables worldwide users to effectively integrate their data to perform GIS tasks accurately.
SuperGIS Desktop 3.2 Professional Edition Specification [PDF]
SuperGIS Desktop 3.2 Standard Edition Specification [PDF]
SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a Professional Edition Specification [PDF]
Main Desktop GIS Functionality Comparison [PDF]




People use SuperGIS Desktop to visualize and analyze the data.
With various editing tools, users can edit maps for different purposes.
SuperGIS Desktop assists users in generating a professional and high quality map.
SuperGIS Desktop enhances the supports of OGC standards.


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