Monday, July 18, 2011
SuperPad 3 Selected by Benta Wawasan Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia

SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, is delighted to announce that SuperPad 3, its full-function mobile GIS software, is selected by Benta Wawasan Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia.

With its operation based on Sabah, Malaysia, Benta Wawasan Sdn. Bhd. mainly engages in agro-forestry and oil palm planting, having been constantly developing
Plantation projects of oil palm. The extensive land of oil palm which expands over 15,000 hectares is just a glimpse of the achievement made by the enterprise.

To improve the efficiency of oil palm planting, management and preservation, Benta Wawasan Sdn. Bhd. has actively evaluated a wide range of technologies and solutions. After testing SuperPad 3, this company regards the software, which possesses functions of GPS support and the effective integration with enterprise server, can assist its staff in more productive tree planting and better field management. Therefore, Benta Wawasan Sdn. Bh. procured SuperPad 3 via the sales channel of Satscanner Sdn. Bhd., SuperGeo Malaysia’s sub-dealer in Malaysia.

SuperPad 3 provides diverse GPS functions, the essential equipments for field survey, facilitating users to navigate with GPS, add waypoints, etc,. With SuperPad 3, field workers are able to recognize their current positions and collect spatial data promptly. Additionally, it can well integrate with SuperGIS Server 3, enabling swift data updating and downloading.

Establishes in early 2010, SuperGeo Malaysia has developed close collaboration with several sub-dealers in Malaysia. This successful sales, SuperGeo Technologies hopes, can not only help Benta Wawasan Sdn. Bhd. enlarge its productivity scale and advance the industrial development, but also bring more opportunities to further promote SuperGIS products to the region of Southeast Asia.

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