Wednesday, Jun 29, 2011
SuperGIS Desktop Selected by Mitr Phol in Thailand

SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, is pleased to announce that SuperGIS Desktop 3, its powerful desktop GIS product, is selected by Mitr Phol Sugarcane Research Centre in Thailand.

Mitr Phol Sugarcane Research Centre belongs to Mitr Phol Group possessing several large sugar mills in Thailand. Since its establishment in 1997 aiming for sustainable development of the sugar industry, Mitr Phol Sugarcane Research Centre has devoted to sugarcane research as well as technological transfer applied to sugarcane cultivation.

In hopes of improving the efficiency of sugarcane management and production, Mitr Phol Sugarcane Research Centre consults SuperGeo Technologies for relevant GIS application. Having evaluated SuperGIS Desktop 3 which enables effective processing in geographic data, Mitr Phol Sugarcane Research Centre decided to procure this set of desktop GIS software for mapping and monitoring sugarcane farms.

SuperGIS Desktop, with powerful GIS functions in editing, managing, visualizing and analyzing spatial data, is believed to be greatly beneficial for Mitr Phol Sugarcane Research Center in the management of vast sugarcane fields. This set of software not only can be utilized in planting plans, but also can effectively manage the database to share with numerous factories for further analysis.

Starting from this cooperation, SuperGeo Technologies looks forward to providing this organization with multiple GIS solutions. A complete work flow including desktop, server, and mobile GIS can be achieved by combining SuperPad and SuperGIS Server. In the future, further GIS applications in wide aspects, such as agriculture and environmental protection, will be developed for the local market, too.

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