Friday, Feb 12, 2010
SuperGeo Recruits CERENE as the Exclusive Reseller in France

SuperGeo Technologies is pleased to introduce its new exclusive reseller, CERENE Services, a major provider of GIS services in France for over 45 years. CERENE Services is the first exclusive reseller of SuperGeo in Europe and will promote SuperGIS series software in France since February, 2010.

Specialized in the field of geomatics, such as GIS services and spatial data processing, CERENE Services combines data with GIS systems and create related maps. The French company also provides professional consulting services for the government when determining the feasibility of constructing new infrastructures.

‘We aim to integrate SuperGIS software into the offered GIS services by providing cost-effective and value-added solutions’, said CERENE Services. ‘SuperGeo provides extensive applications and competent products, so we have strong confidence in marketing SuperGIS software to more clients and organizations.’

SuperGeo is also working on French interface of several products and will support more languages in the near future. ‘We wish to develop the most efficient GIS software that fit user requests and use practices better.’ added SuperGeo. ‘With the cooperation with CERENE Services, we officially include Europe into our Global Reseller Network and will help our partners by researching significant geospatial technologies in the future.’

SuperGeo and CERENE cooperate in France to promote SuperGIS software