Monday, Nov 25, 2013
SuperSurv (for iOS) V0.99 Now Available on App Store

Supergeo announced that SuperSurv (for iOS) V0.99 is now available on the App Store for trial.

SuperSurv, the mobile GIS application designed for field survey, integrates with GIS and GPS technologies to provide functions like Map Display, Query, Measure, etc, and supports point, line and polygon data collection and offline data editing. In addition to the Android edition, SuperSurv is now available for iOS users to collect spatial data.
SuperSurv (for iOS) V0.99 trial is now available on the App Store. OpenStreetMap can be employed as the basemap in SuperSurv to help filed surveyors collect point, line and polygon feature and the attribute data. The collected data can be saved in vector layers (SHP format) and exported through iTunes to be applied in various GIS programs.

SuperSurv (for iOS) full version will contain the functions, like Waypoint, GPS Track, Measure Function, Query, and reading and editing the services published by SuperGIS Server 3.1a. The full function is planned to be launched in the beginning of 2014. To learn more about SuperSurv (for iOS), please download the trial on App Store (

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